Relocating pets

Hi,  we're moving to the Philippines (Cebu) from India & plan on bringing along our 5 dogs & 1 cat. I would like to know (1) if there's any limitation to the number of pets a family can bring along,  (2) we were told to acquire import permits for our pets, how do we go about doing that ?
We're gonna be moving by the end of February 2018, but are gonna be coming to Cebu in November for a scout visit. Can we apply for the permission then ?
Thanking you all in advance :)


There are no restrictions on the number of pets. You will need a pet handler to assist you especially with the import permits.

Contact: info[at] we can assist.

Good luck and regards,

Thank you for your quick response. We're gonna be in Cebu sometime around the 2nd week of November. Is it possible to meet up & discuss all of this, & get the necessary permits as well ?


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