Finding a temp job with a Whp (working holiday pass) in Singapore

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I have just recently received my IPA letter for the whp. With the 6 mths pass, I'm thinking I could apply for some temp jobs when i get there, it seems to me that job search engines like jobsdb, indeed etc. do have some temporary job offers available. Some are listed as local residence only, some aren't.

Does anyone know if its difficult for a whp holder to find temp jobs? Or even part time jobs? And, does my employer has to pay foreign worker levy if im doing the job with whp?

It'd be great if someone here can share their experiences in finding a job with a whp. Thank you!

As you know it’s validity only for 6 months, so mostly you are eligible for a contract job or an assignment. You can see or efinancial careers where you can see if any jobs related in your field is available, other than common portals jobsDB or JobStreet sites. Searching a job in a shorter span is always difficult (when employer already knows that you can work here for a maximum period of 6 months only). Good luck

Employer is not going to apply a separate pass for you, so if I understand correctly they don’t pay levy for you (a student who receives WHP for 6 months). Levy applies on S pass and work pass holders.

Thanks for the advice, I just checked with the Mom website , whp does not costs foreign worker levy to the employer.

I was not at all familiar with the WHP and know nobody who ever had one - the numbers issued are also very small.
But this prompted me to read about it, and this is what I found:
The WHP is a temporary work pass for young people, see … programme.
The holder can work (almost without any restrictions) in any full?part-time job under any constellation (probably, but this should be confirmed with the authorities, even freelance work is allowed). The employer does not need to fulfill any special requirements (quota, etc.) and there is no levy.
Great flexibility and chance to experience Singapore for a short time!
IF freelance work is allowed, you should check and similar portals. You might have some explanation to do, since foreigners on other passes cannot do such jobs and assignments at all. (Please also note that they are not particularly well paid in Singapore.)

Thanks for the suggestion on freelance jobs, and yea whp does seem pretty flexible and free of levy and stuff.


I'm a current WHP holder here in SG. I started looking for temp work right after I applied for WHP.

Since I already graduated in May 2017, I was hoping to find a temp job that could eventually lead to full-time offer. But little that I knew it was really difficult to find one, considering I did not have work experience and my degree was not really in demand (I got B.Sc in Mathematics from a reputable uni in US). The original purpose of WHP program is for students who wish to seek employment in Singapore while they're on school break such as summer holiday, etc so it's actually more suitable for students looking for internship. But, I know a lot of people who use their WHP to work while the company is processing their EP/SP or while they're in the probation period which is usually around 6 months.

Thus, after finding no luck in a temp-to-permanent job, I applied for an internship position with one of MNC company which I found through job portal called internsg. I also managed to find some freelance jobs through that website and earn some extra money (intern doesn't get much stipend :( ). Since WHP offers a flexibility and doesn't limit on what kind of jobs, how many jobs/working hours you can perform, it's a really good way to grab on many freelance opportunities and expand your network! Too bad WHP can't be renewed right away :(

The only downside that I experienced with WHP is the struggle to actually open a saving account. I got refusal from their representatives several times, most often because of the pass validity which makes them reluctant to let me open an account there. I went to 3 branches of the same banking institution and they gave me 3 different reasons for refusal. But at the end, I managed to open one through online application with POSB.

Anyway, good luck to you :)

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