Keeping in touch while living in England

Hello everyone,

What are the best ways you've found for keeping in touch with friends and family back home while living in England? How frequently do you stay in touch with loved ones?

Are there local equivalents to common instant messaging and online video calling services that you prefer or are more widely used?

If there is a sizeable time difference, how do you manage this?

Do you make international phone calls from a landline or mobile phone from England? What do you think of the cost?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Now day's communication is much easier everywhere and I don't thinks there are still people paying for calls

Skype, whatsapp, etc.. The time difference if your family is in a different time zone must  be an issue though ..I guess... From a landline there are many options , from a mobile you can get a lyca sim card or equivalent. There are also loads of websites that offer various options for making cheap or free calls from your UK landline.. Just google it.

On a side note,  if you decide to remain in the UK for rest of your life  , in my experience, it becomes more and more difficult being so far away from one's parents /family members who are getting older and more dependant. Actually, for me, the feeling of guilt is terrible and is getting worst as time goes by, despite my being in constant contact with my parents.. But my partner is British, he doesn't speak French and I can't imagine going back to our small village in France in the middle of nowhere. This  is very hard. Heart breaking at times actually. As far as I'm concerned anyway. I am now considering moving my parents to be with us in the UK. Good Luck..

I use Skype weekly and would use Whatsapp if only my family were tech-savy enough to know what it was!

Years ago I used to have a phone card to do landline calls, but I wouldn't dream of calling from a home phone these days when there are free alternatives using the internet.

There's only an hour difference for us so it is easy to plan calls.

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