The best apps for expats in England


We invite you to share information regarding some of the apps that have helped to facilitate your move abroad in England. This will help expats-to-be who are making the move as well.

Which apps did you use while preparing your move to England?

What apps do you use the most for your everyday life in England: whether it's for transport, managing finances, general information, learning the language of your host country, leisure activities, etc.?

How does this technology help you in your everyday life as an expat?

Which apps would you recommend to expatriates in England and why?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


No App. I moved on my own to the UK from France in my early 20s, in 1993/94 I think...? There was no internet, hardly any mobile phones, no meet up groups,  nothing. The only thing you could do then is turn up with your suitcase and find your way around on your own, by buying guidebooks , meeting people in youth hostels or through Uni - if you initially came on an University exchange program-  etc.. When I turned up in London I knew no one and I didn't even get in touch with the French institute to meet other French people because I thought that the whole point of moving here was to integrate,   and to improve my English..I won't lie. It was tough. ..Different times I guess..

Hi Priscilla,
I would like to share my experiences about the apps that helped during my travel. Google maps and location finder from Google helped me greatly. For further information on travel by rail I used trainLine app to give me updates on ticket fares with or without rail cards.The app also have live tracking while you are travelling which clearly guides the connecting trains during the journey and to be prepared if any delays. I am sure there are lot more apps available for various tasks.

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