Paying bills in Poland

Hello everyone,

What bills do you pay? If you are renting, are bills included in the price of rent, and is this common practice in Poland?

How can you pay your bills (e.g. online, at provider's store, at the post office)? Which is the most convenient or reliable way?

With what frequency are different bills sent in Poland? Are there different deadlines for payment?

Thank you for sharing your experience.



Most common and fair way is that the tenant pays the rent + bills. Bills are separate because it is up to you how much electricity, water or gas you use. Quite often Internet is included but it's not a rule.
Of course, mist convenient way is to pay online with your bank and many providers make it easier so you can click a button in their email and be redirected to your bank to log in...

Hi, it all depends of the contract of rent that you have. I agree that the most convinient way is to pay for exact usage, but it all depends of agreement with the landlord.
Anyway Its good to know that in Poland very common is a lump sum system of paymen for media as electric, gas, or even heating etc. According to this system you pay every month or two months the same amount of money and on half yearly or annually basis media provider is making a comparison of real usage and paid units. If there is excesspayment you will get refundation of your money for overpaid media or if there was underpayment, because you used more than was paid for you would need to make an additional payment.

Hi i pay my rent by cash monthly which includes all bills for
the room i rent but make sure you always get a receipt
it depends on the landlord if you were renting an apartment
then it is up to the landlord if you by by bankers draft or direct debit
ING bank charge 9PLN for a transaction from one account to another
wether it is the same bank you are transferring money too, i wouldnt
recommend anyone coming to Poland to use ING bank as their customer
service has a very bad reputation ING bank is Dutch not Polish bank.
If you are renting an apartment  with separate utility bills then it would
be more easier to pay by direct debit

Well, mostly cash or bank transfer ranging from rent, internet, tax...etc

Not to mention, finding an apartment to rent.  There are lots of sites but difficult to know specifics- not many landlords seem to reply.  If anyone has suggestions-- I'm looking city center  Poznań

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