Catholic Mass in English in Katowice


Holy Mass in English is conducted every Sunday at 6:30pm in St. Maximilian Kolbe Academic Church in the cathedral crypt - the entrance is at the back of the Cathedral.
Confession in English is possible half an hour before the Mass.

I think this would also be a chance for English-speakers living in Katowice and nearby to meet together.
Hope to see you there,

Is this the address of the church?
43-200 Poręba, gm. Pszczyna
ul. Wodzisławska 86
tel. 32 449-03-35

No, the address is:
Parafia Katedralna Chrystusa Króla
ul. Plebiscytowa 49 a
40-041 Katowice
phone: 32 251-21-96
The English Mass is conducted in the crypt. The entrance is at the back of the cathedral.