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Hi All,

I'm taking care of some small renovation at our place and after a lot of good recommendations from our friends we have decided to use a company for construction labour, but unfortunately they don't supply the construction material.., I have been doing some research on Google, to find the material that we need, using the help of Google translate :). Can anybody give me some tips and references of stores or shops that sell construction materials?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Kim.
I would be happy to help. I came back from my emigration (25 years) 1 year ago and probably going through the same problems. Being a landscape architect with English working experiance (15 years) I am was having some troubles to ajust to Polish construction industry building our house and the garden. Well I think that more or less I got hang of it and am ready to help.
Let me know more in details what sort of help you need. And if I can, I will try to help.
First of all, I need to know what area you are in.


You should be able to find the DIY chains there, Praktiker, OBI, Leroy Merlin, Jula, etc?

Romaniac Experts Team

But generally, I would find another firm that will buy what you want and deliver the materials and you will just pay for them.
When I was building the house, I was buying myself materials like floor panels or slabs and the construction people would buy and deliver whatever they need to lay them down. This way you are avoiding going back and forwards to the shops when they run out of plaster and their like.
For basic materials "Castorama" is very good. You can find it in every city.

Best of luck. Marzenna

Hi Marzenna,

Thanks for your quick reply and offer to help.

The company that we want to work with has a very good reputation, references and offering a good deal and we really would like to work with them.

We're planning to change all the flooring, bathrooms, doors, create ceilings for spotlights, plaster the walls, paint the kitchen, insulate the cave, insert a velux window, built 2 retaining walls outside, change the balcony railings & extend the terrace.

Do you have and what is your experiences with the following stores?
Do you have other recommendations?

Thanks in advance!


Not sure if you would be able to see the links of the stores. But what I meant was Castorama, leroymerlin,mrowka,budowlaniec, bricomarche, e-realbud
Thanks in advance!