Living in the Philippines eBook

Hi All, I'm an Aussie and I have been living full time in the Philippines since 2003. I have recently started a website and blog that talks about all the amazing places I have travelled to in the Philippines with tips and tricks on how to get there etc . I am now in the process of writing an eBook which goes into a lot more detail about the Philippines, covering culture, language, things to look out for like pickpocketers, scammers, transport, daily life, and so much more. What topics would you like covered in this eBook?

I guess food, travel and leisure from the expat perspective would be interesting too.

The scammer section is going to be HUGE!!!!

Topics such as current Scammer alerts , cheap but good finds in hotels, resorts, restaurants and maybe an unbiased comparison of different cities/places which you can recommend as an expat.

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