English conversation club in Burgas

Tomorrow, Friday the 6th of October, the English conversation club will meet at the White Dolphin in Sarafovo at 7.30pm.
There is no fee, but you must pay for what you order to eat or drink.

Thanks,but I prefer to have conversations with local,indigenous people

The main purpose of the English conversation club is for those whose first language is not English to have normal (not in a classroom) conversations with each other and other English speaking people.

This Friday, the 13th of October, we will have a meeting of the English conversation club at the Bohem restaurant, near "Kilometre Zero" in Burgas at 7pm. The purpose of the club is to encourage English conversation between people attending, many will speak English as a second language (Italians, Russians, Bulgarians, Armenians etc) . There is no cost apart from what you order to eat or drink.

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