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I am in San Miguel de Allende.  We have a house that we purchased, and are working on our Residente Permanente so we can put the utilities of our house into our name.  They are currently in the name of the seller of the house.
I am currently having issues with the CFE, the agency providing electricity, but understand that I need a Carta Poder (letter of power) from the seller to talk to the agency because the utilities are in his name.
I understand that this Carta Poder needs two witnesses, but does not need to be notarized and filed.  Unfortunately, the seller believes that the notarization and filing is required.

Is there anyone who is familiar with this document, experienced in working with government agencies, and whether the Carta Poder requires notarization and filing?

Your help would be most appreciated,


Joe Thomas

You are over thinking the CFE change of name to your name. Relax. The seller needs his name on the CFE bill until the Notario/a has filed all the paperwork needed to clear him/her of capital gains tax liabilities. When you push it you are possibly screwing up the seller. Just wait for your Residente Permanente visa/card and your CURP number [which only Mx. Immigration, INM can give you] which you need at CFE and go in with whatever documents the Notario/a gave you with proof of ownership and CFE will then put it in your name with no problems except maybe a small deposit required  and change over fee.

Thank you for the information.
Best regards, Joe

Just go to CFE with the seller. And, you do not need to be a PR to do this. Both of you need official ID and the CFE bill, picture of meter.

Some notarios have a horrible reptation and take up to a year a to produce what you would call a title.

Thank you, I appreciate your input. Unfortunately, the developer/seller does not appear to want to get involved. We do expect to get out PR cards soon, and with our deed the CFE will change the utilities.

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