Basketball and especially street basketball in Buenos Aires

Hi all!
I'm a Danish basketball player who is missing some game. I don't speak spanish, but I figured that is shouldn't be needed for playing basketball. It does, however, make it difficult to figure out where people play basketball in Buenos Aires. I'm looking for both (especially) street courts with pick-up games, and potentially a club where I can join a team and practice/play regularly.
I've tried googling it and using different apps and such, but it doesn't really give an overview of where and when people actually play.

I'm hoping there are some in here who can point me in the right direction.

All the best

Here is a map of some courts, according to a blogger on Taringa.  The two courts marked by green squares are ones he does not recommend, que son una mierda... … 2&z=12

You can click on each marker and get a short description of the court.

Oh yeah! Thank you so much! :)

I am also interested in playing some pickup games with the locals. Is there a place where players meet regularly?

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