hola - looking to travel to buenos aires with some friends

my name is nina, a 37-year-old teacher from new york city. i live in brooklyn but decided to come here for a month for an adventure, to meet the city and it's people. and to learn spanish. i'd really love to travel to buenoes aires, but i don't want to go alone. not because i'm scared, but just because i don't want to.

figured reaching out to expats may be a good option :)

let me know if you're interested! i'd love to take the ferry over.

figure we can meet first to see if it would be a good idea and go over details.

have a lovely day!

Hello Nina,

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

I moved your topic on the Buenos Aires forum for a better visibility.

Good luck,

Hi Nina, I live in BA and I'd like to do a  language exchange . I can help with your spanish and you can help me with my english.  If you want some tips/advices/ suggestions about BA let me know.


If you are staying a couple of days in Buenos Aires don't miss the opportunity to spend a night in the countryside near BA to watch a fast paced polo match under the stars, with great food and wine. My reco will go to argentinapolonight.com

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