Street-art in Buenos Aires

Hi everyone!

Buenos Aires is a cultural and young city, but it's also considered as one of the world's street-art capitals! In a lot of streets you can see walls completely covered by beautiful street-art designs. "Street-art tours" and graff classes are even organized for tourists.

How do you see this culture in daily life ? And how is it perceived in Argentina?

Is it a famous phenomenon for argentinian people?

Are argentinians street-art artists well-known?

By which ways Buenos Aires allow this culture?

Thank you for sharing your testimonials and feelings about it! :)


Well,I've been to Buenos Aires a couple of times and it depends to which city you compare it. If you compare it to other cities of Argentina they have really good street art. If you compare ir with, let's say Barcelona or a big European city their street art is not bad, is average. Like I said it depends.

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