Rent estimation - Near Qinghu station (Line 4)

Hi All,

I have been offered a role with a Chinese company in Longhua close to QingHu station on line 4. I am currently based in Hanoi. From what i searched only, the cost of living in Shenzhen is comparable to that in hanoi except for rent which can be quite high. To evaluate the offer, i would like to understand what the rents in Longhua area will be like. I do not speak any Mandarin/Cantonese. My current budget is about 4000RMB. My expectation is to have a flat in a gated community (atleast 1bedroom Hall Kitchen) somewhere closer to the metro station.

1) Is my budget okay? or do i need to adjust it?
2) Any suggestion for any gated community?
3) Any other place suggestion (along line 4)?

your budget is enough to get a one bed room with hall and kitchen house. you can rent a pretty good house with the budget¥2500~3000.00. Longhua is not so developed compared with Futian, luohu. i just searched the information on where u can rent a house. ***

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Hi pal.
The budget is more than enough. I live near the line4, in a station more central tham Qinghu (that is the last station in the red line, number4), and therefore the cost of living there is lower than in other places near to the city center. Where i live, with 130 M2 and 4 rooms i pay 7500 rmb, so, for a single room you can find something between 3000 and 4000 rmb for sure.
To find a place you just need to walk around the area, and  you will find the rent offices that will bring you to the available places.
Take in count: You will have to leave a DEPOSIT that is usually 2 months rent to your landlord. It suppose to be given back to you when you give it back. Take care about that, go with any chinese speaking friend to be more safe about this. The rent contract must specify it and have the clear landlord information. (this becasue some of them refuse or try to find any excuse to give that deposit back).
Second: if you use a rent office, their fee is usually the cost of 1 month rent. You pay 50% and the landlord the other 50%. You can negotiate to low that fee.

Good luck. Have a nice trip

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