Looking to meet with expats in Sousse/ Hammam Sousse

Hi all, I am from Philippines, English speaker now learning to speak Arabic. I am married to a Tunisian and been living here since June. I am so bored staying at home. I am looking to meet with expats of any nationality, we can share our experiences and maybe visit places, have coffee or go shopping together. Or just sit around and chat at the beach.
I hope to hear from you guys :)

Hi and i hope you are fine. I am bored too here and I would like to meet other people than I already know. Take care and best regard /Saber

Hi how are you

Hi I am fine where in Sousse you are living

Unfortunately I don't live in Tunisia I only come out as much as I can on visits I wish I could live in that Beautiful country I'm coming out in December and cannot wait

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