work permit appeal

is there any guarantee to get work permit is Zambia.,.,.,? my permit got rejected and have appealed but no response waiting from 2 months


my work permit was also denied in last week of June. And my company reapplied for me. But no response till now.

Did you reapply by yourself? How long does reapplication take, like to reapply any other documents that you submitted?

I was just told that we have reapplied, but not sure in the first week of July or later by my company.

no respose yet

where are you from?????

I am from india and no response yet. I really don't know how long will it take. Do you know of any timeline. I don't see any on their website

ok what feild you have applied for???R u in India or in zambia>???

I am in mining field and currently in India, waiting for my work permit.
My application was rejected in last week of June and from that time to now nothing on appeal application.

When did you submit the appeal application?

Does field has much effect on time, they take to process the appeal application.

mine is for hospitality.,.,

But when did you apply for appeal?

my visa got rejected again.,.,. dont know what wrong with this country

I have also same problem my permit also rejected 3 times in Zambia,

I don't know how to do


You said your visa was rejected 3 times? So when did you get your visa finally as you are going to Lusaka now

but this time I will be sure I got the permit

My Husband is an Auto electrician with Diploma in Engineering and Supervisory Management. He is a Registered Assessor, Moderator and Mentor and Coach.  His Visa was also rejected in around July 17.  He has vast experience of 35 yrs in the trade and he can only enrich young minds as a mentor and coach.   When you see Zambia rejecting highly qualified people like him, you begin to wonder if they are interested in enriching the educational wealth of the country.  We are not going to appeal, just move on to the next job application, but will never attempt to go through this long and expensive process just to be rejected again.  I am Zambian born to top it all. Just lost interest in my birth country. Disappointed in them.

Dear Kunal,

I was just reading the thread and came across your reply. You said you were sure to get visa after your 3rd rejection....Did you get it.

If YES, then can you please share the info with me.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Omran Ahmad

Did you got your permit ?

Hello I can help you. Please give me more details.

Ronald Chileya that's my full name.. Aged 29 born in Africa Zambia,Heavy Equipment Repair by profession with over 4years working experience in mechanics mining
My  whatsapp line ***
You can email me on this ***
Am looking for a job as mechanic aboard

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Hello Ronald,

Welcome to  :cheers:

Kindly create your CV in Jobs in Zambia section.

Best luck,

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Good Day

How do I need to go about to obtain a work permit.
My fiance is already working in Zambia and I am coming over in December to stay in Zambia

Welcome to the forum AlmariB

As your fiancé is working there he may be able to check up on things for you. Perhaps get him to ask his company for help.
Check this site 

Let us know how you get on as the information may be helpful for others.

With me also same thing happen, my company appeal since last 2 month but there is no response yet. Help me if you have any idea about it. Thanks

Hello did you get your permit  or still having challenges? I can help ☺

4Success wrote:

Hello did you get your permit  or still having challenges? I can help ☺

How can you help.
Please give information here so that others can make an informed decision.

Most permits are being rejected due to zambianization or saturation of the position you re applying for. So when your permit is rejected you have to write a winning and convincing appeal letter not leaving out important details. Make it short but sweet. People in general dont like reading long letters.  Well thats where i come in

How to go about it?

Do you offer jobs to undergraduates ?

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