clearance from sabb for paying default credit cards

im paying my default credit cards from sabb i went to olaya branch they cannot find my default cards they told me its closed already but someone is calling me and asking me to pay my master and visa cards from sabb its been 6 or 7 years i didnt pay now i want to clear my default because i have a simah record i went to samba to make a loan they told me to clear my simah and they will give me loan how to clear it which branch from sabb and also from sama or simah to take clearance so i can show it to samba pls help thanks

Go to SABB Head office and explain your issue there.

Once you resolve the issue, get a clearance letter from SABB.

I don't know how much, but clearance in SAMA records will take some time. If you are desperate, show and attach the clearance letter at SAMBA when applying for loan. It should do the trick.

thanks bro by the way where is the sabb head office

At Dabbab Street; when going from Old Chamber of Commerce towards Washam Street.

Here is the Google Map Link:

hllo .. if  not getting clearance paper  from sama will   make any problem for exit re entry ??

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