Visa related stuff for marrying a pakistani man.Help?

Hey everyone,
This would probably be the most  odd post here but I do need my answers. I've  been with this great Pakistani  guy for 3 years and yes we want to get married. And sadly to make it even weirder thanks to our known history I'm  Bangladeshi  residing in Kuwait. I told my parents about this and they told me that if I married him:
I'd  lose my Bangladeshi  passport and get the Pakistani  passport.
If i ever wanted to visit Bangladesh, I'd have to enter as a FOREIGNER  with a visit visa?
Please tell me if any of this is true or not?
This is so painful losing my identity. Isnt there some other way? Please give me some expat related advice here. I dont want to sound  cliché but i love this guy a lot.

Hi , Im from Mexico married to a pakistani for 7 years .
Since I got married I never had to change my nationality , as I know changing or not nationality is a whole different process not just marrying a pakistani.

If you want to change your nationality  go over pakistan (exactly in ISLAMABAD , to the headquarters of the NADRA OFFICES), and ask in the NADRA offices your wish to change your nationality , show your marriage certificate , pay fees , other documents , etc etc etc , and a little exam.

So you see is not just that easy granted as in many countries around the world , the citizenship is not automatically granted to spouses , only for born childrens in pakistani soil . (So even if the day I have babies , if they born in mexico, they are mexicans , not pakistanis . If they born in Pakistan, they will have the automatically  pakistani citizens)

I always travel with my mexican passport , even my husband already apply for mexican citizenship , and have now his mexican passport. Because the mexican passport have less international banning and is more accepted all around the world .

He IS THE ONE WHO should change his citizenship to bangladeshi !!  :D
Honestly !!!

Good luck!

Hello Nabila ,

i will try to address your issue today, I will answer Liz later who seems to have a different  issue.

if you are really in love with this Pakistani boy, you must marry him without worrying about  passport issues.

Firstly if both of you are young , it is very likely that you will be spending next couple of years in the middle east. You can get married in Kuwait, when traveling to Pakistan, you can get a visitor's visa like wise your husband van get a Bangladeshi visa when going to your homeland.

if your husband is professionally qualified, you may  apply for Canadian or Australian residence later, most western  countries allow 'dual nationality'  and you can move and work any where in the world without any problem. :)

Hi Liz,

really liked your reply. was wondering if you are now residing in Pakistan or in Mexico?

Hope to hear from you

Hi !
Well we live in Mexico's City , only go to Pakistan for vacation ...

Hi,, there, Let me share my experience, i am Pakistani and  married to Malaysian  for 7 yrs now, but i live in Pakistan , i never wanted nor tried to change my nationality, neither i have any problem with my Pakistani nationality .its wrongly assumed by many Non Pakistani that Pakistani dont want to live in Pakistan however for economic reason many nationality migrates so Pakistani also does.
come to main topic, You as Bangladeshi may choose long term visa Pakistan offers to foreigner spouse and may live in Pakistan without changing nationality, Trust me you will love this country,,,dont be scared,,,go get marry live your life

Hola Liz!
Después de casarte cómo hiciste tu cambio de  visa pars visitar Pakistan? Me casare en Pakistan con visa de turista pero no tengo idea como hacer el cambio después, me orientas? Gracias!!!

Hi SoniaAHTP > You should please write your message in English on this English speaking forum so that everyone can understand. Thank you

Hi I just want to asked what is the documents needed if my fiancee asked me to visit him at Pakistan?? The families are expecting me too.. actually they want me to be there for the marriage..Im a converted Muslim and have a background bout my past marriage life.. The court didn't decide yet as just because in Philippines doesn't have a divorce.. so pls.kindly advice me the best thing I have to do..I really wanted to settled my life with this Pakistan guy who is my long time friend.. he knew my past life and we just worried what the embassy will gonna ask for the requirements for getting married..Your advice will truly appreciate..Thanks!

Hi there!Happy to read here that you are married with a pakistani person for already 7 yrs.
I am also Mexican and My boyfriend and I also want to get married.

Would you tell me little bit more about your experience related to the legal process.
All what I've read on the web is that for we come to live in Mexico which is the plan tgat we have is that we have to get married over there at Pakistan,  then to go to the Mexican embassy that is located at the country of Iran, and that this where we have to go after getting married to submitted a request for a Mexican visa for him( familiar visa union)
So is all this correct??
I will appreciate all the information that you could provide.

Thanks in advance from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely another Mexican in love of a pakistani😊😘

Hi Shanny welcome!
Well I better send you an inbox, cause the full explanation is in spanish . The short explanation is right what you know .

Hi Liz thank you do much for answering.

Yes, how can we be in contact for you let me know more details?? Do I share over here my email???

Best regards

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Hi , hanni !

let me copy your email , anyway i will send you a private message , but I maybe have more information about mexico and paksitan relations, have no much experience about americans or canadians ... for that theres a english wassap group of married ladie or in a relationship with pakistanis .

feel welcome to join!

it is a sad thing that you have to change your nationality  because of marriage, its a way of saying goodbye to your old relations. but i would recommend you to be optimistic as you would find a lot of things brilliant about Pakistan. you will have to get a national identity card here to get you a job or open a bank account and keep copies of it as they are needed everywhere you keep a footprint.

Hi Liz! Im also mexican, can i have the link for join to the whatsapp group? and if you can help me with the process about visa per family union please! I am getting married soon with pakistani guy and we want to fix everything that we can go together to Mexico thank you!!

hi ,

i think you should have mexcian passport , it is good than pakistani  passport


If you get a Pakistani passport then don't take this issue and whenever you want to go to Bangladesh with Pakistani passport permanently then you go to Bangladesh and cancel your passport in pakistani embassy there you will get Bangladeshi passport again But you kids have to leave pakistan by the way when you do that you will be old enough now the kids will not need you

Hello. I'm a UK/Russian citizen. A Pakistani man that I love very much lives in Faisalabad. He proposed marriage to me. I thought I might have some more time to understand the process as I was going to visit him in Pakistan and then maybe return another time for marriage. Now, he wants to marry very quickly when I go there.  Can someone please tell me what documents I need to bring for marriage? I don't want to make some error and forget something important.  There were a couple of mentions above about a Whatsapp group for women in relationships with Pakistani men. Is it possible for me to join the group, please?  If there are any expats in Faisalabad, please let me know. It would be good to know that there are other foreigners like myself there when I arrive that speak English, Russian and Spanish. I've never been to Pakistan before, so this is not only a big step for me, but a gigantic leap.

You have made such a big leap that if you are a man this leap can be dangerous and if you are a woman then your leap is right why foreign women often get married in pakistan and are happy

Thank you for your reply. Well, being that I'm definitely a woman, I hope the 2nd option of being happily married in Pakistan will be true for me. I know there will probably be initial culture shock and feeling overwhelmed on first arrival, but I'll hopefully get used to it quite fast. I think the very hot summers 40+  will be the most difficult.  He's worth the gigantic leap, though.

seagirl3 wrote:

Thank you for your reply. Well, being that I'm definitely a woman, I hope the 2nd option of being happily married in Pakistan will be true for me. I know there will probably be initial culture shock and feeling overwhelmed on first arrival, but I'll hopefully get used to it quite fast. I think the very hot summers 40+  will be the most difficult.  He's worth the gigantic leap, though.

Its beautiful that you are willing to go ahead with it despite of the differences in culture.
I wish you all the very best .

Hey Liz, I'm a Mexican citizen living in the USA my boyfriend and I been together for over 13 years he got deported back to pakistan and we want to move to Mexico since we also have a daughter who now is 11. We want to get married in order for him to be able to come with me to Mexico. Could you please share with me the whole process I am so confused
Thank you so much

Hello and welcome to EXPAT !!

Oh my !!  :o  what a terrible situation !!

mmm , so you and he were legal residents in USA ?

You will havet to reside in Mexico , so you are also already settled in one part of Mexico?
Do you have your american marraige certificate ?
You can go to any american embassy to get in legalized and made it translate to spanish by a certified translator by the supreme court of mexico .

Then you go to your near Registry Office to your home address , and ask for the current documents you need, that must be , your house  last billilng of maybe water service  or electricity payment. your mexican ID , your birth certificate (mexican) , his birth certificate ( the pakistani certificate , also legalize and traslated to spanish)  and I dont remember what else, but you can check for the things they ask you directly to your Registry Office .

Also get your daughter a mexican certifcate  especifyn that he is the father  and she has her last name of him . So you eill add her birth certificate to state in front mexican authorities , the existance of a child together .

Then they will grant you your mexican marriage certificate , with THAT ONE , you are gona go to your Instituto de Migracion office near to your home address , and ask for the process of : "Visa por union familiar" , they will give the next docuementation you need to get them , that is gonna be almost everthing you had by now , you just need to be constant and pesistant about askiing about the process  and do normal checkins with the mexican inmigration office , sometimes you dont need a lawyer , you just have to be very careful about the data that is written , any mispelled or wrong letter can make you do it all again!

The migration office will tell you about the next steps and time lines for your process .

and then since there are not mexican embassy in Pakistan , when they grant you the interview for the visa authorization , he is gonna have to go to the embassy assigned to every paksitani citizen, which is the Mexican embassy in Iran , Teheran , so you are gonna have to get him an appointment in Iran , and he is gonna have to pay por visa, flight tickets  to go to Iran , and maybe of course for his staying . (sometimes in can take a week or more , or sometimes is  the same day)

Then with everything authorize he can buy his tickets to come to mexico .

The process may take from 6 months to maybe  4 years )

Good luck!

Hi my boyfriend is from Pakistan and I'm USA citizen what do I need to do to bring him with me or it's better for me to go get married with him in pakistan or what's your recommendation

@maritzaayala87 Its better you to come in Pakistan and get married.

you don't specifically want to marry him, this is what i do understand from the words you have mentioned in your questions, you just wanted to get some safe shelter.
you should not enter territories which you don't know about. now you have his money spent on you. and you don't simply loose your identity in a foreign land, you do know that it is bad if one looses their identity. you just made a relationship feeling and couldn't control it and you must have proposed him. that place is for work and not for relationships to be created, and that's what women do when they enter the land which doesn't belong to them. and now you want your bangladeshi identity back when you are given and tried to understand that it is not good to have such relationships. leave him alone and give him back what you have taken from him as you are being considered a thief and a shadow on him which is a bad effect on them and this is causing him more pain than relief later when he realizes that it was you then he will take strict action on you and you will surely regret it and feel that you must have done something better to do things right in life.

leave him and you will get your passport of bangladesh and give him back the passport that you have asked him to get you must have been specific about it and you must have done better to achieve a proposal.