How to get copy of final exit visa of saudi arabia??

I came from saudi arabia on final exit about 1 year back. Now according to my recruiter, to move again i need the copy of final exit visa. I tried from each & every way; i.e from, but could not be succeeded. Please can any one help me to get that.

You should meet travel agent. they will help you for your final exit papers. They might charge you RS 500 or RS 1000 only. Otherwise do let me know, I will try to help you in this regard.

sir please help me to get final exit paper. I am not able to get that. I will pay for that.

I received final exit paper by my agent. Thanks a lot for guidance

Dear Brother,
Please help me since i am also having the same issue as i am not able to get final exit paper from moi website nor from company

Can you please provide me the travel agent number whom i can contact and get the needed details at the earliest.
Thanks in advance

Dear Sir,
I am in need of desparate help in getting my final exit paper, my previous company is not supporting me. I am not able to get any thing neither from nor
I tried to get help from travel agent but there is an error showing visa number not valid.
Could you please help in getting the final paper.


Sent you PM

Syed Ijlal enterprises Rawalpindi
03334932579 (Mr Liaqat)

Thanks Dr. Sb

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