Pakistani citizens thinking of marriage in Brazil

This topic is for all Pakistani citizens (male or female) thinking about marriage here in Brazil to a Brazilian citizen.

You may not like the information I am going to pass on here, but you should be aware that this is the current situation in Brazil, and the position taken by the Brazilian government regarding visas. I'm sure you will find it completely unfair, and believe me so do I, but it is permitted under international law and there is absolutely nothing that I or anyone else can do about it. I'm just telling you the way it is, because I constantly receive private messages and topic postings on the Brazil forum about marriage here.

Brazil has a set of requirements for citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India that are extremely difficult to meet, and are about 10 times more difficult for every category of visa, than those for citizens of other countries. Even if you somehow manage to meet all of those requirements, if it is your FIRST EVER visa application for Brazil, and you've not had at least one successful visit to Brazil and returned home afterwards, you will not get a VITUR Tourist Visa that would permit a stay in this country any longer than 7 to 30 days maximum. It would also quite likely be a SINGLE USE ONLY visa, and certainly not a 5 year, multiple entry visa that is issued to applicants from other nations.

The marriage process (for foreign nationals) in Brazil is extremely bureaucratic and takes anywhere from 30-45 days from the time that all the documents are submitted to the Cartório (Registry) until the actual date of the wedding. Simply put, there is virtually no possibility that this process could be completed in the limited amount of time allowed on a first ever visa for Brazil.

If you are thinking about marrying a Brazilian citizen, then believe me it will be much easier to have your Brazilian partner come to Pakistan and get married there. Following the local marriage the Brazilian spouse must then register the marriage with the Consulado-Geral do Brasil in Islamabad. Only after this is done could the Pakistani spouse then apply for a VIPER Permanent Visa for Brazil, or for a VITUR Tourist Visa, and make the application for permanency once they've arrived in Brazil. Note that there is no guarantee whatsoever that the VITUR Tourist Visa would be granted, so the best option in this case remains to apply for the VIPER. You also should be aware, that you may not enter Brazil even on any other category of visa, until the VIPER has actually been received.

Once again, I am very sorry, but this is the position that the Brazilian government has taken regarding immigration from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India... I cannot change it, if I could then I certainly would do so. Yes, I believe it is harsh and unfair, but that is exactly the way things are. Please do not waste your time and enegy posting to the Brazil forum or sending me private messages asking, "How can I marry my Brazilian girlfriend or boyfriend?" The answer will be the same advice that I've given to all of your countrymen who have sought my help... have your Brazilian boyfriend/girlfriend come there to Pakistan and get married there, it will be much easier.

Also, while Brazil does recognize Proxy Marriage (Casamento por Procuração) both parties MUST be in Brazil and attend the Cartório in order to arrange a Proxy Marriage, IT IS NOT INTENDED FOR ANYONE WHO IS NOT, OR HAS NEVER BEEN IN BRAZIL, but rather for someone who for some reason would not be available on the date of the wedding.

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Well, I wouldn't exactly say "nice", but unfortunately all too TRUE.

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hi how are you so what the matter ha

These Pakistanis try to be humble when they reply, this is the culture they learnt in the families, even somebody hit them hard,like here on this blog many did, still they dont know how to reply in English and be humble too,,so they say "" NICE"" doesn't mean they like the post, its because there English is not good enough to reply in direct offensive words and in the tone what somebody said about them or their country   

Dont take them for-granted, this nation is hard---- dont believe it ? see the even recent history of this region ( Pakistan / North India / Afghanistan ), they are fighters still obey rules of their own religion, not the rules made by some world powers or their representatives,
see u , yaa

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Hi Julio, I am Brazilian and I want my Pakistani boyfriend to come visit me in July. I have been reading some posts from 2015 here that are not very motivating. Is the visit visa process still that difficult, or has it become any easier? What can i do from Brazil (Sao Paulo) to make it easier for him? Thanks a lot.

What you want information about Pakistan?

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