Internet Speed in Las Terrenas

I am considering moving to Las Terrenas, but am concerned about issues with internet speed and connection, as I work remotely.  Any info would be much appreciated!

Hi! Dos you find anything there in Las terrenas. I also need a high speed internet to work. I'm planning to go next year
Thank you!👍

We have a rental apartment at Playa Bonita in LT and have Claro fiber optic internet. That was just installed last week, so I haven't been able to test the speeds myself. We had a Claro hot spots for wifi previously, and that's what we've had in every other place we stayed. I didn't perform speed tests, but we were able to stream movies from netflix with no problems at all!

Hello, about how much is the rent for your apartment? I, too, work remotely and need a reliable connection atleast 10mbps fiber optic in las terrenas. People are constantly telling me theres no way to get this in LT.

I’m here in LT now and ran a few speed tests. Looks like it’s about 40mbps down, 6mbps up. I’m pretty sure we have the mid tier fiber optic plan from Claro.

Is your place very expensive? Ive been searching for apartments in the areas listed on Claros website (playa bonita, ceiba) but the very few that I was able to locate were way out of my budget. I'm looking for something under 700 US per month. I now pay 350 for rent for my 3 bedroom 2 bathroom in Santo Domingo. Any idea where I can find an affordable apartment in las terrenas with fiber optic?

Trying to rent at competitive rate in Las Terrenas starting and through the high season is going to be tough.

I used to rent long term a lovely 2 bed apartment overlooking Playa Las Ballenas adjacent Hotel Alisei at a rate within your budget on the proviso I found alternative accommodation for 6 weeks when the owners came in high season.

Right now you will find many agencies are only letting short term knowing there is a good market for short term lets until next Easter.

I was on staying at Playa Bonita last weekend and there are a lot of English speaking visitors about now as families or couples. It was only a matter of time before the beauty and tranquility of Las Terrenas was discovered on a larger scale by Anglophiles to complement the French and Italian residents and visitors.

Check out areas further west on the north shore. From Cabrera to the Sosua/Cabarete area. Many options within your budget & with the net speed you require.  A difficult time of the year to acquire a good deal.  If you want a long term or are interested in a future purchase, be careful. Deal with recommended people who have been in business for many years..  I wish you well in your search.

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