Done taking the Civic Integration Exam in the Philippines

Hi everyone! I'm Val and I just want to let you know that I'm done taking the integration exam last May 16, 2017. I had a 2 months vacation in the Netherlands before I decided to take the exam. I enrolled in a Taalbus in breda and visiting the library there once in awhile. For now, I am only waiting for the result which they said will take for 2 to 8 weeks. Goodluck to all of us who is still waiting for the score. Have a nice day :)

Hello, I would like to ask if there is a part of the exam where you give the opposite of the word. Then how's the speaking test? Is there a part where you repeat the sentence you hear? Can you give me some tips? I'm studying using naar Nederland. Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

no repeating. Study all simple questions as you can like the basic details being asked in biodata. I think once you are done with the exam you can assess right away if you will pass or fail. Like for me i really thought that I will pass after I took the exam but I was not expecting a high score from it..hehe..all i want is to pass but God is good for giving me more than that of the passing rate😊

Hello val, I already took the exam. I know.I have mistakes in completion part. Hahaha. I would like to know what's the passing score? Thanks.

Congratulations! I hope I will pass too. :)

Hi Jhanice
I only have 1 mistake on perfect on speaking and KNS..Im sure you will pass 😉... passing score is 6.. Goodluck sis!

Hooray! Thanks val. I remember my mistakes. Hehehe. I really didn't review on the completion part. I answered the q and a. Only with the completion part. I forgot the right term. Hehehe. Thanks. I'm hoping for that too. Godbless. :)

Hi Val! May I ask the first step you took when you applied for the exam? Did you intend to work in Netherlands or just solely for the purpose of migration? Thank you 😊

Go to the link below for the Digital Application

Proof of payment
After paying, you will receive an email. This email is your proof of payment. It will be sent to the email address you filled in with your application. You can use your proof of payment to make an appointment at the embassy or consulate where you will take your exam.

Appointment for the Exam
After receiving the confirmation of your payment you may message/ email the MAN-CA for your appointment. You specify the date you wanted to take the examination. Include your candidate number for their reference. Then they will message you back for the confirmation and the availability of the schedule.

Requirements needed during the examination.
1. Valid passport together with a photocopy of the passport biopage.
2. Copy of your payment confirmation from DUO.

I plan migrate and of course to work as well. :)

Hi Val, my name is Erra. I have few questions and I hope you can help me. At the moment i am trying my best to study Dutch language using Duo Lingo and Naar Nederlands.
Where did you take the exam? in The Netherlands? Did you have a visit there?
I was in Holland this year for 3 months, and planning to get the permanent visa for next year if possible.
Thank you so much, i would really appreciate your help. I hope you could share to me your experience and how did you get the permanent visa. God bless and congrats for passing the exam 😊

Hi everyone! I took the exam last october 15 at the embassy of netherlands in manila. I'm just waiting for the result. *nervous Hoping for a positive result...

Hi everyone! If you were to rate the speaking part between easy moderate and hard, which one will it be? I’m taking the exam in a couple of weeks and freaking out on the speaking part.

Exam Speaking made public
As of 18th of May 2017 the Speaking exam is made public. This means that all questions are available on this website. You can the questions here.

I just made it super easy for you.. Good luck

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