AL Ghuwaifat border immigration contact number

Dear Fellow expats,

I have got my onine UAE GCC resident visa issued on 23rd of May and the visa is valid for 30 days from the issuance date before the travel date.

i am planning to travel on 22nd of June , i am bit confused if the 30 days will complete on 21st June ( if thats the case the visa will be expired )

i have called the MOI office in UAE but the call center wasnt of much help.

i also tried to search for AL Ghuwaifat border immigration contact number ; wondering if someone has the number ,would be easier to call them and check the visa valid till date.

thank you

I'm also looking for the same number. Did you find that number? What port of entry did you opt for entry and which emirate you chose to go by road. I tried and could find only Dubai as a single option on the site.
Thanks and good luck

Your visa valid for 30 days starting from 1st day you issue, and 30 day valid of stay starting from 1st day you enter from any uae port... can be renew for 30 days more from inside uae *You have to use your visa before complete 30 days of issue*

Check your Iqama and passport validity, need 3 months for each

if you are going to travel by road, you have only single option for entrance..... "Batha/Guwaifat" land port....
you will drive till Abu Dhabi "AL MAFRAQ" to choice if you want go to "AL Ain, Oman".... or drive a little more to take Dubai exit and move a head to Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khima..... "There is also an old road "Union Road" but not necessary for you.....

Your road inside UAE perfect and smooth *Adjust your time*
"My Advice don't drive during night inside Saudi, from Boarder till Al Hassa"

Thanks for your reply. Could you please provide some information about how to apply visa online. I registered on the official website of gdrfa and applied as GCC residents. The problem is that the site provides only one option for online visa which is Dubai. There is no option of Abu Dhabi, whereas the Batha/Ghuwaifat border is the port of entry as I have travelled before, which is Abu Dhabi. And the prorts of entry on the website are Dubai Airport, Jabal Ali port, some other ports and "Dry docks" , What should I select as a port of entry in that case?

I remember I have chosen the option of Abu Dhabi and it went fine, are you sure that the options are limited to the ones you have mentioned?

when you hold your Visa to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you can enter from any port you like.
you can apply for Dubai, Abu Dhabi through any authorized offices on line. will hold "5000DH" till you live UAE, services charges 450-500Dh, or try

When you opt for entry permit for GCC residents, there is only one option which is Dubai

Here is the reply from MOI for my concerns

Dear Customer,

Thank you for using Ministry of Interior's Smart Services.

No you must come from Dubai .

عزيزنا المتعامل

شكراً لاستخدامكم خدمات وزارة الداخلية الإلكترونية والذكية

Thank you for contacting MOI Call Center.

شكراً لتواصلكم بمركز اتصال وزارة الداخلية. .

For any assistance, please contact us on the following number 8005000 or through smart[at] … O4QAvD_BwE

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