Blacklisted because of a Interpol notice

I am a US citizen of Chinese descent. I have been traveling to Philippines for a number of years without problem and planning to do business over here. However last week when I came here, upon my arrival at Aquino International Airport terminal 3, when the immigration officer inspected my passport she interrogated me like a criminal suspect. 'What was your violation in the Philippines? What were you doing here before? Have you ever overstayed? She acted very strangely.  'Madam, I have never had any violations! What is going on?' I began to asked her. She told me that there was information under my name that was indicted ' a hit'. I have no idea what she meant and she took me to an interrogation room for further questioning.  Later an immigration man came in and told me that I have an Interpol notice under my name. 'What does that means? I have never committed a crime, not in the Philippines and in my country.' He told me he has no idea too, he only have a record of my name in their database and they do not have any further info regarding to that. He tried to calm me down and told me that may be a mistake of someone under the same name and he has already verified that I have committed no crime in the Philippines according to National Police records. He then proceeded to ask me fill in a form and asked about my personal information. Afraid of being an interrogation, I refused and told him I have the right for an attorney, I would not sign anything I do not understand. He told me it is not a police interrogation and that form is just to record my status, anyway he proceed to ask me and he asked if I am also a Chinese citizen because of being Chinese descent. I told him I am a US citizen only and China does not reconise dual nationality. Later he told me I am now being deported and he shown me the paper exclusion order with being recommended to blacklist. He told me I have to book my ticket back to my port or country of origin, which I have to go back to Malayisa where I boarded​ the plane. I asked him why and told him Interpol must be a mistake as I have not any criminal record, what is the reason for me to be deported? He said that sorry the order has already been made by his supervisors and the reason is me not cooperating with officers they have the right to deport me. Later they took me to the exclusion room with other deportees and security personnel there took care of us. They were nice and most of them have no idea of why I was being excluded, they thought I was Chinese or Asian but when I told them I was a US citizen they seemed surprised and told me there have been rare cases of US citizens being excluded. Even some immigration officers that came in told me they have no idea, and thought maybe I was being seen as impolite to immigration as he said usually that category of deportation order falls under. They said it is only a small problem, maybe they can fix it for me and I should ask someone to go to immigration main office in Manila to help me file a petition for it. The staff were nice and helpful but later I sense something wrong, a senior officer came and again asked me if I am a Chinese citizen. I noticed he has a small piece of paper stating request to the Chinese embassy to verify my identity. I explained to him that I am a US citizen and I do not live in China, he said because I am Chinese in descent his staff just helping to verify. Anyway they supposed booked me a ticket back at 10:00 the same day, but when I was about to board my flight, the immigration officers that was supposed to exchort me came late and told me there was a hazzle with another deportee and they were sorry, they said I am probably going to miss my flight, they will book me another one tomorrow and they would cover my expenses as it was their fault. Only then I ask an immigration officer holding my exclusion paper it states that I was excluded on the basis on being suspected to be the 'mastermind' of arms trafficking crime in China, and the other reason refused to answer to immigration questioning. This makes absolutely no sense as China is a country that even ban airguns, they have no evidence and proof of my case and I thought they were cancelling my flight to detain me or somehow try to extradite me to China. I kept quite and try to contact an attorney to help me, but the next day they really did booked a flight for me back to Malaysia, they told me it was just 'an honest mistake' made by their staff and some people were already being suspended from duty because they delayed my exclusion. Anyway the next day I got my new flight, before boarding one of the officers approached me and said he could help out, he said maybe only a simple mistake in their computer system, if I paid him some cash and apologise to him for being rude, he will help out. Later when I boarded the flight I saw the new exclusion paper, it has deleted the reason that I was wanted by Interpol and uncooperative,  the reason now just blank, but still recommend to be blacklisted. Now I am back at my country. My question is can I try to remove my blacklist at immigration office as the officer claimed? The Interpol notice is a terrible mistake and even if I was suspected to have committed a crime, I have not any criminal convictions or violated any Philippines laws. I do not want to be blacklisted  from the country which I original have plans to reside for some time. Please help me out


Maybe that person they suspected is same with your name. You need lift up that record and you will need to apply to Immigration Manila. You will need get a certification of not of the same person certificate which you will always attached to your passport every time you enter and exit philippines.

Honestly dont waste your precious time. I already did that.. Its not an easy procedure. Ive known someone before was deported back to us. I went to immigration main office. You will needed to get a certification in the deparment of justice directly order by the secretary of justice. Court record here in philippines and even in your own country. It will be a waste of time and it will cost you lots of money

You must ask a good filipino lawyer about that problem avoiding to spend much time and a lot of money.

OP has not posted since May of 2017, probably not reading this.

OP has not posted since May of 2017, probably not reading this.

The original OP online name is Fuckccp . . . . ccp is Chinese Communist Party.

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