29 days tourist extension visa on arrival at Manila airport

I'm a British citizen coming to travel around the Philippines for a second time and understand that I can extend my 30 days allowance by a further 29 days in Manila or Cebu.

I've heard that I can apply for this extension on arrival at the airport which would be far easier for me. Can anyone confirm whether this is true. Have you, or do you know someone whose done this?

With thanks for your help,

Hi Lisa

         The short answer is 'Yes you can' , but it is not guaranteed !    You will receive responses here from expats who will say that they have entered the country dozens of time and never encountered a problem with the the first extension being completed at the airport, but I have personally asked at the Immigration Office in Manila.  The officer told me that airport immigration is NOT obligated to issue the extension and may advise you to visit the main Immigration office or one of the many extension  offices located throughout the  Philippines. 
         On your arrival, smile, greet him in Tagalog,  and hopefully it is not too busy.
           One further note:  Some travel agents here (in Makati) will do all this legwork for you for an additional fee.  Simply leave your passport with them and you can have the Visa the next day.  Begin  this process about day 26 of your visit.