How to get married in the Philippines (Filipino-French)

Hi guys! Need help!

I'm Filipino 26, and My boyfriend,28 French working in London. We are planning to get married in the Philippines this October. I'm currently in London with him now. We would like to know how to process all the papers/documents that will needed for the wedding and how much will it takes?

I will go home in the philippines this July with him to apply for CCAM in the French Embassy in Manila.
Is it possible to do the wedding in October? since we have only 3 months to prepare it (July to October)? or we will need more time to process it?

and What is the first thing we need to do? Please help! :(

Many thanks!

Hello Jastine,

First of all, Congratulations and welcome to

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I think this article details all the steps, requirements and procedures for getting married in the philippines: … ilippines/

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Hi Jastine,

I'll add just one thing here. If you are planning to move to France you might want to first see if that country has or offers a fiancee visa.
If you marry here in the Philippines and then try to move, a married immigrant visa (if like the US) can take over one year to be granted; whereas a fiancee visa in most cases takes only around 90 days or so.

Congratulations and best of luck on the visa


Hi jastine. These are the requirements for civil marriage for fil-french in phils:

For your fiance
1. Legal capacity ( it will takes 2-3months to get. He can get it in french embassy manille)
2. Cenomar (u should know his parent's name and birth place)
3. Passport
4. Birth cert (english version)

For you
1. NSO birth cert
2. Cenomar
3. Cert. Of residency
4. Cert. Of marriage counseling
5. Valid id and cedula
Application fee

thank you

Hi Rhea,

thank you for the info!

I have a question:

Do you know where he can get the CENOMAR? in France?

Thank you

In nso. Just be sure to put the correct data(i.e. french dont have middle name)

Hi all ,
What is NSO ?

I will go philipines in august to marry my now 5 years gf from Cebu , civil wedding first .

Rhaellejeune , so i must go first to consulate in mnl get this 'legal capacity' ? i can not get it here in France ?   

For the Cenomar also i don't get it all .... what is the french name ?

Tx for all

I got married in the Philippines last year. The most complicated aspect is the Legal Capacity to marry. It means the man's embassy should issue a certificate to declare the man is responsible, ready and capable to marry. Also the legal capacity should indicate whether the man have children or married before. My country have no embassy here in the Philippines. My uncle took affidavit from our High court on my behalf. Most of the work after the legal capacity will depend on the City Hall registrar.   The check list is what @rhealejeune listed above.

NSO stands for National Statistics Office
In the Philippines they always require original certificates. Anytime you want to do anything, you have to request your certificate like birth cert, death, etc from the NSO.

Congrats also.

Can I assume your Philippine birth certificate is correct? Meaning your legal name, date of birth, etc? Over thirty million Filipinos have errors on their birth certificate or none at all. This was our problem. It took four months to get a corrected birth certificate.

When you say civil ceremony do you mean the group weddings that happen in City Hall. Or an outside of City Hall event? If it is the latter you might want to get it on a judge's calendar (his fee for an off site ceremony will be additional to what you pay for the regular in City Hall ceremony) since it seems you have a target date window.

Is there an event that will go with your wedding, i.e. Reception., dinner, party? Got friends and family coming? If any of this is true I would hire a coordinator. Having someone else work out the details of what you want is something to consider. We did, though we still managed getting the cake, lechon, beer and wine, music and transportation/hotel. Our coordinator would have done it all if we had let her. We were saving money though. Something to consider.

God bless and best wishes

Ok , thank you all ,,, it could be clear ,but this CENOMAR is not very clear ,,
What is it ?
How ?
Where ?

About the legal capacity , i get it i must contact french ambassy ,, but what is the process ? internet ? Go Manila ?
What documents they require i must get here in France ?

Tx to you all

CENOMAR stands for Certificate of No Marriage. It proves that you are not already married. To get married in the Philippines, you must have it, even if you are from a foreign country. When i got married, I went to my Embassy to ask about all the documents needed. After you have all the documents, you have to go to the Town Hall to the marriage office and also attend a pre-marriage course (that last not more than 20 minutes). Cheers

You dont need a cenomar. you're birth certificate is enough (it will see there if you're single) proof that you're single or married before.

CCAM (Certificate of legal capacity to marry) you will apply in French embassy manila. you need to book an appointment. and the CCAM will takes 3 months to process.

Hello, I got married two years ago in Manila, and I too was asked to get my CENOMAR. Anyway it was my wife-to-be to get in for me. With my CENOMAR and documents from my Embassy, I went to the Manila Town Hall where i had to fullfill more documents and attend a pre marriage course. After 10 days i got all the documents to get married anywhere in the Philippines. That is my experience.

Hi. Félicitations 😊. I hope u can get it done before u come back here in france. I got married last year in cebu

Cenomar is Certificate of No Marriage, your fiancée in cebu can get it for you in national Statistics Office or by online (but in different price). Both of u will need cenomar, to show that u have no past marriage in phils.

For legal capacity, yes u need to go to the french embassy in manila, the consulate in cebu do not issue that certificate. u may call them +63 28 57 69 00, to ask the requirements or check the French.

Hi tinee 😊 Your fiancé may not need the cenomar for the legal capacity but he will need it for the marriage license. Congrats and good luck for the process

Luc bonjour. J'ai mentionné liste des éléments à fournir pour la mariage civile aux Philippines. Maintenant je vais expliquer a propos de cenomar et le certificat de capacité à mariage.
Cenomar. Your fiancée in cebu can get it for u, no requirements. Elle peut aller à nso sans toi. She just need to fill up forms with your correct details.
Legal capacity to marry. Its 2-3months to get. If i were u, check to get the requirements. And in that site u can print the questionnaire de l'ambassade, qui vous avez besoin de remplir complètement. To save time, u must complete all the papers u need to apply the legal capacity and call embassy for appointment. U need to bring l'acte de naissance datant de moins de 3 moins et justificatif de domicile en France.u can have your passeport or identity card photocopied in phils. Your fiancée can do her papers also before your appointment in embassy. She needs proof of residence, cenomar, and authenticated birth certificate. Alors maintenant,si vous n'avez pas les papiers de nso,dit ta fiancée pour aller la bas et prendre sa l'acte de naissance et cenomar de toi et 2 copies d'elle.

It's clear now .
(Rhea your frenglish is amazing ahah)

I am now in Paris and fly the 11 july , so i i will bring :
birth certificate/passport/domicile certificate like 'taxes document'.
My gf must go to NSO in Cebu ask Cenomar for me and her .
Tomorrow i will apply  at embassy net site .


Haha im better in math than in language

Tell your gf to authenticate her birth cert, so from nso, she needs to go to dfa. Authenticate or what we call it red ribbon. Good luck 😊

hilo po maam good morning,, hindi ko po maintindihan saan po kunin young athenticatwd sa cenomar..pls feedback,,,, thank you

You can get the uthenticated birth cert or "red ribbon" in DFA. Aside from the DFA's main consular office in Macapagal Boulevard, Parañaque City, applications for authentication of documents are now being processed at DFA in Ali Mall,  DFA in SM Megamall, DFA in SM Manila and DFA in Metro Gaisano Alabang. Good luck 🙂

Hi, how many days does it take to get the Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage?

Hi guys, we already applied for the CCAM at the French Embassy in Manila, i just want to ask if its possible to get the result in less than 2 months? and if there are cases that the ccam will not be approved thank you.

hi i am a filipina and planning to marry my 6 years french bf in france. i already stressed out of checking of all the requirements. may i know if anyone of you have any idea of the process. i would be elated to get some info guys. thanks

Hi Rhea,

I've got few questions to ask that really confused me with the process. May I know what other channels you do have so I could contact you directly? Email?

Thank you so much and God Bless!

thisisruby wrote:

Hi Rhea,

I've got few questions to ask that really confused me with the process. May I know what other channels you do have so I could contact you directly? Email?

Thank you so much and God Bless!

Please ask questions on the open forums so other readers can benefit from answers.

hello , can i ask something here ?

How to get married in the Philippines (Filipino-French)
How to get a duly questionnaire?
How to get legal capacity to contract marriage ?

Good day i just  want to ask where i can get the cert.of marriage counseling?

I want to know we have all the documents for  the legal capacity . How we can do a appointment in embassy france ? It is possible only fiance can do a appointment alone?   

I nees your help po

hello sis good day to you. pm i well send you a details for that .are you living in france already or you still in the philippine?

hello, my bf and i had interview for ccam last March,2019. the embassy told after 3 months will receive via his email. My bf doesnt remember if he put his email, Is there other way of getting the notification about this?

Maybe your bf  Can call them  back. just to make sure if he put his email

do they also declines request ?

Well the embassy checked if there is email or not !!!

Knowing the people working in the French consulate I know they would have noticed if your BF did not give his email !!

Hi there guys! Super new here. My french fiancée and I are planning to get married here in the Philippines. We have an appointment for the interview and to get his CCAM. And, my problem is, I am not sure if I have to have my Proof of residency (I have the brgy. Certificate) to be Apostilled (DFA red ribbon new name).
I'm already super stressed of running around to get these papers. I really need your help. Thank you so much.


hi all you need is prepared you birt cirtificate , cinomar ,bry clerance cidula and passport that is your part make sure the ditails of your bc,and cinomar are same .and you need to dfa the bc in cinomar also.and your fiance bring some docs in france his birth cirtificat ,residency,incme tax,ids ,passport,billings etc.and you have to wait 3 months to take your ligal capacity to marry and also they havea questioner you need to fill up that .and you can search the FRENCH FILIPINA FUROM THEY MIGHT HELP YOU.         GOODLUCK SIS

Hi, can you pls give a timeline on how long the whole process is going to take? My partner plans to stay in the PH for only a month and I was wondering if it's already enough to get married. Thank you!

At this time foreigners cannot enter the Philippines unless they already have an existing visa and there is no guarantee that the situation will have changed by August.