Salsa/Latino Dances

Hi to all members,

I would like to start Salsa,

Are there anyone to related this case or any classes??

If there are another people to interested we can do our own class with a Voluntary Leader.

Waiting responses

Regards to all

If it ill be in diplomatic quarter I'm in

Yeh if it's in DQ i am in alsoo :)

I found a course but they have priority for couples, so I need a female partner to join the Salsa Class for register only. Dont worry it will not be fix partner, in class everytime partners are change so feel comfortable to joining group..
Are there anyone interested??
Its not in Diplomatic Quarter, its near Exit 8

L.A. style salsa (salsa on 1) every Wednesday from 7:15pm till 9:30pm
The class cost is per  monthly subscription:
For Men:    50x4 classes = 200 SAR paid at the start of each month
For Ladies: 30x4 classes = 120 SAR paid at the start of each month
If a monthly subscription is not working for you, you can still pay per each class but it will be:
80 sar/class for men
60 sar/class for ladies

This nice but can u give us the exact address ?

FAL Compound

You can contact with them..

Hi, I'm interested in couples dancing classes, please contact me if available.

Best regards,

Do you have the details of FAL compound please so I can find out more about Salsa classes

I would like to dance salsa. I am currently looking for a dance partner. Can you help me ? Thank you !

Hello everyone!

I'm interested in learning salsa i don't have partner and i live outside diplomatic will that be a problem?

Not at all if you are learning in any of the compounds. i know friends who learn Salsa in compounds and they are fine, i am looking for a partner too.
Good luck

Hi, I would like to join the dancing class too,kindly tag me for anyone looking for partner, or give me a clear address or phone number,thank you .

Hello. Kindly send me details regarding the salsa dance lessons.

I don't have a partner. If anyone is interested, pm me.

Dear no problem ..
Am agreed if you need 🙄

I've been dancing salsa for long time and I'm looking for salsa events here in Riyadh if anyone can get me in ?
I'm also willing to have a female dance partner to help if I teach salsa beside going to salsa events with. If anyone interested, plz pm me here.



Mostly they have Salsa Night!

I am looking for private instructor in Jeddah and i have my expert partner.
I am welling to pay good for the classes and need it to be concentrated.

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