Child birth in Copenhagen

Dear Forum,

I would like to ask if anyone has experience regarding the following issue:

Me and my husband moved to Denmark because of his work. His residence card and CPR number has been arranged by now. I have applied for mine a month ago at SIRI. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and so far I visited private clinics for the necessary check ups and ultrasound tests.

I am not sure if my CPR number and medical insurance will be arranged because chlid birth so I called several authorities, emergency medical numbers for guidance where can I get doctor and which hospital I can go on payment basis without insurance card.

Immigration office, International House, emergency hotline said also I have to contact private hospitals. When I asked them can you tell any example, no one could give me an answer or list where can I find these private hospitals.

As a last resort I hope someone has experience in medical field of Denmark and can give any good suggestions what can I do. I believe there should be a way and hospitals will not refuse help if anything happens before due date.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Bettina,

The whole medical system in Denmark works on the public system and that is why outside of that system no-one knows what to do.

Me and my girl friend used services for our boy and we were very happy with that they provided. I would suggest you go there and ask them about your situation and how they can help.

They can also deliver the baby at your own home if that is something you thought about.

There are other midwife clinic similar to this one, but I don't remember the others. I could investigate if you are really in need of.


Start asking SIRi if they can promote your application because of your urgent need of health care.

I understand that you have a right to free health care as you are an EU citizen (paragraph 6.1): … afs1299711 … Healthcare

You find an informal overview of privat midwives: … ordemodre/
(The authorities are not allowed to help you with names, addresses ..... regarding private providers as they have to be neutral and this will be regarded as recommendations).

Instead of paying for the service, do contact SIRI as the very first.


Thank you so much. That clinic is great, I have been there. Actually I am afraid to give birth at home, I would prefer hospital environment.

I also contacted SIRI and they try to make my process faster.

Many thanks again your kind comments and congratulation for baby boy. 🎊

Dear Nellie,

You are a book of knowledge. You must be a diplomat, if not, you should be one of them.

I have very good hopes that SIRI will make a decision on time, so I can stay with my husband here.

Thanks, Betti

Hopefully, all obstacles will soon be removed so you can look forward to the birth of your child with serenity.

I hope that these links may be a way to learn other people in your situation to know: … ywords_top … 20in%20cph

And thanks for your appreciation of my advice. No, I am not a diplomat, neither am I going to be one, but more important, I am going to be a grand mom this summer.

I wish you and your family all the best, Betti, and I hope you will share your experience with the system with our forum.


Dear Everyone,

I would like to share my experience with SIRI and the medical system in case of a pregnancy.

If  anyone face similar situation in future, might be useful. It is a good idea to provide additional information to SIRI regarding pregnancy (by email or post) to prove that the applicant is pregnant. It might not effect the service goals but in my case the decision has been made 1 week earlier than it should have been, and the cards have been delivered extremly fast.

Meanwhile waiting I could also find a GP who provided private consultation and we could start preparing the pregnancy documents and made the necessary tests, checkups with a temporary CPR number. Finally I have received all the necessary documents and now have access to the public health care system. :)

Just a final question regarding tradition and culture...If someone gives birth in Denmark, is there any traditional way of expressing appreciation to the midwife/doctor/nurses (in my country it is usually money or some sweets)?

Again, thanks for everyone who shared good advice with me before and I wish for all forum members a happy and sunny summer.


Hi Betti

Thank you for your updating. Much appreciated.

I hope everything now will be without problems of any art so you can just enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and the delivery.

I have asked a nurse from a public maternity ward. She says it isn't common to give the staff anything. Some people however give the staff some chocolate or money, but you shouldn't think of that. In Denmark, tips aren't expected.

If you are still considering whether or not you should give them something, then choose to give them something. I add this because it'll end all speculations about what the right thing to do is. This something could be a little bag of typical cookies from your homeland, a little bag of chocolate or some money (50 - 100 kroner). Or just have it in reserve.


Dear Nellie,

Thank you for the useful ideas. I will keep them in mind.

How about your grandchild? When is the expected date of being a grandmother?  :)

I am looking forward to meeting him on the 24th of July.

In addition to the private midwives mentioned above, I would add It is a service where the midwife visits you at your home or office, as they do not have a clinic. As such, the price is also cheaper than most other places. Most of the midwives at Preggio work in the public sector as well.

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