is Somalia safe for Expat.

Hi all,

Good day.

Myself Nandkumar , I am from India , I have got an job offer from Somalian company.

I have no idea about Somalia & its cities.

Kindly guide about the safety for Expat from India.


I Nand,

It depends which region and city you intend to go as the Northern Somalia now called Somaliland in particular the Awdal region has the highest stability rate in all of Somalia and the people are very welcoming and friendly.

There are other region like Putland and other region in Somaliland they are safe and stable. I know a lot of Indians lecturers in Amoud university. and they enjoy the life there and live safely.

If you happen to have your offer in the South of Somalia, just be careful even though it is getting relatively peaceful.

I hope that helps.

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