How to make friends in Greece

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in Greece :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Greece??

Thanks in advance for your participation

I dont have any tips im struggling to find friends here in athens and need tips on where to go?

try the Meet in Athens webpage. Also try The Athens News - comes out every Friday and is in most peripteras but you usually have to ask for it. 
If you're into Footie there are either knock about games ([email protected]) or more 'serious' games.

If you're a runner/walker there's the Athens Hash on a Sunday Morning.  These are all advertised in the Athens News.

I'm afraid that Meet in Athens is somehow stuck... must be updated since last semptember!

Speaking about the problem to find friends in Athens I can say that is true.

Basicly I think that the biggest trouble is due to the language: if you are used to meet people and speak with them about something more complex than daily weather of course here you have to seek for hi-cultural level guys...

I think that the golden rule is: make the first step by yourself and don't wait for anyone else doing it...

Apart this, my practical suggestion is to find a cafetteria or a club you feel confortable in and spend your time there many times: eventually you will start to find familiar faces and this will help you to know them.

I wish you good luck!


Hi ..its kristi here and i am a member of the meetin athens and i think the group is great for making friends....i have made many there and love it....if you need help to join the group let me know and i will direct you ...good luck and hope you find many good friends as i did.

wishing you a great day


I tried to join the forum page but didn't get a reply maybe that's what Andrea means when she says it's stuck.
But I'm interested in joining the group.

Hi Raida

Here is a link to the Meetin Athens group and the guys name is Emannuel....send him an email direct and he will reply ...also there is a meeting tonight in Thissio at the Stavlos Bar and about 30 people have already responded and coming to meetup.

This is a copy of the letter posted to the group members also...

Hi everyone

Here's a reminder about the next Meet in Athens event this coming Friday (6 March).

So far 30 people have confirmed they are attending. If you will be there you can now just let me know at [email protected] rather than confirming your attendance to the whole group. I have reserved the back part of the bar for us and those of you who have been there before will know its a nice spot! Great to see that lots of new members will be attending.

When and where:

Friday 6 March, 9pm
"Stavlos" bar
10 Iraklidon, Thissio
(We'll meet in the enclosed space which is directly in front of you as you enter Stavlos, at the back of the bar on the ground floor.)

Nearest metro station: Thissio
It's about a 5 min walk from Thissio station, turn right out of the station and follow the road up the hill which curves to the left, and round towards where all the cafes are - you come to an open "square" area with a view of the Acropolis - and turn right down Herakleidon (Iraklidon). Stavlos is quite near the beginning of the pedestrianised part of the road on the right hand side as you are walking down it.

http://maps. ?ie=UTF8&om=1&ll=37.975022, 23.718946&spn=0.003747, 0.006866&z=17

Look forward to seeing you on Friday!


If you want to come along it wont matter if your not a memeber just come to the bar section and say Hi...ask if they are the MIA group and you will have no problem at all as Emmanuel is going to be there also.

[email protected]

good luck and hope this helps.


Apologies for the delay but many thanks for the info.

Your welcome...have a great week.


Try this:

Hello People,
Iam a newcomer here in Athenes.
Please tell me what are the best places to go around, restaurants, bars, clubs...etc
Many thanks

Hi Ricardo, you should ask in the Athens forum ;)

Yep me too oon monday in Athens ...but no friend...I hope as soon as possible ;o)

The best is to stay away from your country mates and try to mix a bit with the city/country.

A good way to start is with your hobbies. Try to find a local group doing the same you do. For example: mountain group, computer club, bike club.

As i can see, many foreigners here in Athens have issues meeting people.
Well, as a Greek, i can tell you that nothing is wrong with you guys :)..Unfortunately, things have changed a lot the past years regarding meeting new people and open up to the unknown but there is still hope :)
To give you a hint, for sure you have to be polite and respectful, you have to be social and not seating around waiting for someone to knock on your door. Go out, take a class of any kind, find yourself to public places where a lot of people hang out. Sintagma (a lot of fun places around), Monastiraki, Gazi, Psirri, Kolonaki, (all that is central Athens.)
I have been in your shoes when i was living abroad and i can completely understand how tough it may be when you are alone in a new country.
But Greece is fun and you will find a looot of people who can speak fluently more than 2 languages, they will help you around and give any kind of info you are looking for.
Just be nice, patient,optimistic and energetic and all will fall together.

For any assistance, i would be glad to help out.

Best Rgrds


+1 Anna

Sorry for the problems with "Meet in Athens". I run it in my own time and work got crazy last summer...basically I had to concentrate on the thing that pays the bills. However, the group is up and running again, on a new web site and literally busier than it has ever been with activities for members from many different

i also could like to meet new people.from different cultures,traditional n make friends

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so are there any in rhodes?

i guess the only barrier is the language barrier ,, other than that i personally find people here really friendly and active .. the only tip i have for making friends is that it is easier to make friends if you know the language or if you are a student ( like me) or work with the locals ,, other than that i believe it is difficult to make friends by just going to random places like bars or clubs

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