Maroccan girl wanna marry to pakistani guy

I am maroccan girl in relationship with a pakistani guy, he told me last time after 6 months of relationship that his family are having a commitment with one family to marry him to their girl but he don't like to marry her but he didn't have the courage to finish this commitment because he is afraid about his mother health. he told his family about me but they didn't accept me. he told me that he love me and he wanna marry with me and move there with him even if they don't accept us.
I wanna know your opinion, to accept to continue or to finish this relationship.

If it's true Love then one day you  both will be ONE....

Thanks for your reply, it's a true love, but I am afraid that if i move to lahore I will not be able to support living in that environment where his family don't accept me.

the easy solution is find friend in Pakistan stay with them safely and then then go to his place. at least you will be having back support if things won't goes in your favor. hope you do understand.. thanks for asking

This is an old excuse.

I have been hearing this since I was a kid in the UK.

Pakistani boys would have relationship with non Pakistani girls and also pretend to love them and tell them later :

  a) I was engaged to a cousin back home when I was a kid

b) If I marry out side my family, I will loose millions worth of property from my father.

c) My mother has a heart problem , I can not put her under undue tension.

d) My family will never permit me to marry a non Pakistani girl.

If he really wants to marry you, there is nothing to stop him to do that. :dumbom:

Thanks for your advice. He said nothing stop him just he need time to fix things.
Maybe I am wasting time with him.
Plus that I will move to a new environment. He is working in international company so he can move out of pakistan but this will take time to get this possibility from his company and he is working on it.


If he wants to marry you, he can do it tomorrow.

Moroccan girls are wonderful girls. Full of life, enthusiasm and intelligence.

If this boy is working for a multinational company, this is even better. You will make an excellent partnership, move around in the middle east or western countries, even move permanently to Pakistan where there is an Arabic speaking community in most cities.

You can make between usd 1000 to 2000 per month teaching part time Arabic language in big cities. The options are limitless.

What ever you do,  choose  one of the following:

a) Continue with this friend as a casual friend but be careful not to get serious and do not  get emotionally hurt.

b) Give him a deadline to either get married to you or else you would leave.

c) Leave him and go for a real MAN, who is honest, truthful and knows how to respect a lady. :heart:

Thanks for your time and advices

The big thing to what I am afraid is to live in the environment where his family doesn't accept me. What are the obstacles can I have due to this situation.

It will take you 5 minutes to find this out.

Call his family on phone, get your self introduced by your boy first.

Tell them that you two are planning to get married and visit Lahore, the response will tell you the reality. :)

Hi , I was reading at all 

Do you know them in skype?
Do you have his home number?
The family might not acknowledge all their son actions.
Work phone number ?
The actual names of his family members? photos?
I ask all this , because maybe HE IS SAYING HE TOLD THEM , are u sure at all?

Because if he is deliberately keeping this kind of information, but trying to take further this relation , doesnt makes sense....

Well , if you get into Pakistan without invitation and without knowing anyone in the family... how would you feel? , sounds shocking honestly .

I have two mexican friends, one flew to Pakistan by the boyfriend´s invitation . At the beginning the family aproved the marriage , but in the day se will be arriving , they let her stood up at the airport waiting , because the father didnt want no longer this weeding to happen. The good thing is that the boy kept his promise and several hours later he get to the airport , but his family always knew about her!

The other one, never went to Pakistan , convert to Islam and stay married about 11 years here in mexico , with two girls , one fine day her husband  told her that his family never accept this marriage so they arrenged another marriage to a "fine pakistani REAL MUSLIM girl!" ( and Im quoting them!) , so he will go to Pakistan for the marriage, but will come back in 2 months to Mexico , to stay as always working in here, on coming and going between houses...... , she all alone . staying home mother, her mexican family didnt aproved her marriage and religion change in first place, so she has to take this new deal  according to her she has no choice......

So is up to you.

We create our future based on our current actions...

Liz V,


I thought only Pakistani girls are innocent, under exposed and vulnerable and generally Pakistani men ( some of them, not all) get away with such behavior but Mexico looks no different.

"We create our future based on our current actions..." well said, I will just add " Big success is the result of little actions we keep doing everyday".  :)

its very dificult good luck

Pakistani and Indian guys are really good at talking to please their women.

Some of Pakistani men decided to be in their girls side but most of them don't. They keep sticking with their families.

I'm Indonesian and not a Pakistani woman but I'm married to a Pakistani man. and I know some Indonesian women who married to Pakistanis for more than 5 years. They have kids and had lived in Pakistan with their husband's family before.

Before we got married, my husband let his family members (Sister, Mother and father) to talk to me on the phone.

He showed me the pictures of his family and even gave me their contact numbers.

So from what I have learned, in your case. I can say that better you find another man.

My husband told me about Pakistani man behavior. He said if the Pakistani man really wants to marry a girl he will introduce the girl to his family.

All of the women who married to Pakistanis, already know their Pakistani family before they got married, even some of them traveled to Pakistan to find out more.

A serious man will invite you to come to Pakistan to meet his family.

If you never talk to his family member, then don't trust him altough he said he gonna marry you no matter what.

And btw, if the marriage already arranged since childhood then it would be difficult to cancel it, but if the family have just found a girl then your man has no gut and doesn't have intention to marry you.

Because as I know, a man in Pakistani family can speak up what he thought, including the arranged marriage, if he likes the girl or not.

If not, then his family will try to find another girl for him.

I followed all your advices and I end up by finishing this relationship thanks for all your time and your interest to my story 😊

Great Salouma , I am very happy that you made a decision.

It will be very unfortunate if this experience should  puts you off with Pakistani men or with Pakistan in general.

Please try to understand that there are good and bad people every where and we some how fail to appreciate beauty of life and sincerity of people until we come across a bad experience.

So you are a little wiser now. :)

Yeah exactly may Allah guide us always to the   good way and bless us thanks for your words

Hi, what about your relationship with the pakistani ? Are you married now??

Hai laddies, you can check here to find out more about Marrying Pakistani based on another woman's experiences

I am Pakistani guy belong from Lahore. Now i am here in Morocco to marry with a Moroccan girl, everything is fine here. But here marriage is not easy specially with a foreigner, they required too much documents. Anyway we will fix all documents.

Good or bad people everywhere. If he loves you he will find some way to come to you. Just discuss with him clearly. I came here only to marry with my fiance, she knows everything about my family my home address in Pakistan, she talking with my mother. Her family also very nice they love me. I am happy to marry here.

My family is originally from Dadyal in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir. We been living in UK for the last 67 years. I was born and bred here. Six years ago I married a Moroccon girl. Her family are absolutely fantastic. She's been in UK with me for more than 5 years now and we have mashallah 2 beautiful children. Initially my family wasn't happy and they didn't see her or talk to her or me! But Alhamdulilah for the last 4 years they have accepted her and really like her. She also goes out of her way looking after my parents. For me Moroccan women make the best wives. They have sex appeal that is hard to miss. They carry themselves with confidence, class and they are incredibly charming. They fantastic cooks and love to feed you. They like to have a nice time and have a relaxed approach and outlook to life. They will make you feel like a king and will stand by you no Matter what. That's why a lot of men from Azad Kashmir and Pakistan marry Moroccans. The culture and practices are very similar to Pakistanis/Kashmiris. Lastly, if 2 partners feel it's worth the stress/headache of going through a mixed marriage then they will go through with it. At the end of the it will work out inshallah.

I'm Pakistani how can I help you?

Don't be fool by his excuses. Reality is hard to accept but you must now following things;
He can't marry with his choice at all, due to family problems, but only can play with your feelings.
He did not love you at all, just to play with you for the time being and don't wanna lose you.
He is weak and don't have courage to face his family for you and how he can stand beside you.
He is playing with your mind to set your mind he really love you and in this way he will marry to his relative girl and also will propose you to marry as Muslim can do 2nd marry but it's all gonna make your life full of stress, so face the reality and go for your life to move on and choose someone who really give you respect and can give you a sweet family, life is not ending with one person, billions are behind this wall, try to come over dear.
Believe me or not, he did not talk to his family about you even, just to show you his fake words to get your attention nothing more. So my advise to you dear, don't let your heart come over your brain and be wise to stand your own. Have a good day

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