How to make friends in Algeria

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in Algeria :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Algeria??

Thanks in advance for your participation

slm,well i`ve never been someone who is shy,so when i came to Algeria i would basically look for foreign looking people(not many of us!!)and basically ask them if they are English!!!(but only women,not men,my hubby would kill me!!)

hello, my name is emma and I'm living in algeria... I saw your comment and I' thort I would stop by and say hi ...

I'm wondering if you're still in algeria and if we could go for coffee or something

emma xo

Hi Emma and everyone else on the forum,
Nice to be part of a new place to share stuff about Algeria.
Nice site by the way!

Hey girls well am in Algiers and am Algerian I would like to meet you. See you!

See, it wasn't that difficult!(lol) I've been away from Algeria for years, but some things never change in Algeria. One thing I can tell you is that Algerians love having 'foreign' friends. Once you have forged a friendship with them, you'll be amazed how friendly and generous they'll be towards you. The snag is how do you break the ice and not invite the wrong attention. Organise a low key 'halal' party and get to know them. Then, as elsewhere, pick the ones you want to see again. Whatever you do though, never, ever expect or encourage intimacy to blossom, if you can help it. It would complicate things enormously, esp from male expat to local female...

so .. i think for people .. wanted to make friend ..not only in others country .; but in their life.. first of all make friend it's to get a friend who is near your age .. agree with all your comment ..and you tested him/her in though situation .. so to find friend in outside ..mean in other country is little difficult.. you are stranger for them ..they see you and never understand your spoken language .. but after that they try to help you ... but in this case you never make them friend .. so to make friend here or in other country the first friend of every expat.. is doctor .. so at the first time you are sick .. you have doctor the first friend you can trust .. maybe you can trust friend (coworker .. but if you are man and meet doctor woman !! so maybe she become very closer to you !!  after that to make friend in algeria .. it's only time .. know little people can speak english .. learn life style and see ..a gathering like learning club .. you can make friendship first with teacher then with student  exchange phone numbe rfor exemple .. chat skype :)) it's funny and fine

Azul felwane .I think we are more advanced in how we dealt with real things .as algerian people .i wish to continue like that friends .

my name's chawki i am 29 years old from algeria my hobbies are reading, working out learning forgeigne languages i am an outgoing and extrovert perosn my aim of this message is to strike up a friendship with those whoever might be willing to get to know me
i look forward to hearing from you

hi all

actually it is not so difficult to make friends over here, expats and locals.. Algerians are very friendly people and you can easily make Algerian friends, expats is a little bit difficult as there is no places here for expat communities and the number of expats are limited compared to other countries

hello , well meeting new freinds in Algeria it's not so complicated , the people are so freindly and it's easy to meet new people

This is Javed Khan and wants to marry an Algerian girl. Do you have any experience please? or any suggestions?

hey all. i live in istanbul and im looking algerian friends for my algeria trip.. good luck all

hey, i hope i'm not late peolpe in algeria are so freindly , you just should speak arabic or frensh

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