Studying in Belarus

Hello everyone,

Would you recommend studying abroad in Belarus?

Every year, 4 million young people from all over the world choose to study abroad for one semester or a full academic year. Would you encourage them to come and study in Belarus?

In your opinion, what are the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country/area? Are these free of charge? If not, are tuition fees expensive? Are there many foreign students enrolled in these schools/colleges/universities? What is the main language of instruction at the university?

Thank you in advance for sharing!

Belarus is a very good country  and the
peoples are very friendly.but one thing in belarua is common  here is a big language gape . only few people little understand and speak english.but in bealrus accomodation and meals are very cheap like your native country.if you want to full time study in belarus so it is not a bad idea but one thing i mention is that there is no part time job for students.the
reason is that there is a big language gap for international students.

If you have a russian language skill so that country will be your country

Do you want to study in Belarus?

Belarus is a good place to study IT and medicine, not expensive and of good quality. Do not recommend though business and economics, waste of time and money.

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