I want to study hospitality and management in belarus.I m frm India.

Hello my name is Honey sharma.I want study in belarus.I m frm India.

Hello.my name is Bhupinder singh.I m frm india.I want to do study in belarus in minsk.

Hi Honey Sharma,

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Please how should we call you, Honey sharma or Bhupinder singh?

I think an introduction might be most welcome, and giving us more details about how we can help to guide you. :)



I m frm india.I don't know what the proceeser of study in belarus.I don't know where's the belarus embassy in india.plz help me.I wish I study in belarus.plz help me.plz send all information to my mail id  hsharma59[at]yahoo.com.my phn no +91 9779760105

Bhupinder Singh is my friend.we wish  together come belarus and study here

Hi  Honey Sharma,

Can you please give us more information about what your friend and you wish to study in Belarus?

Thank you,


I wish study on belarus in hospitality and management

plz tell me how can I apply for belarus from india

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