indian students in belarus

hello all
my name is dheeraj
i want to study psychology from belarus .
can you tell me if indian students can come to Belarus for higher studies ?
thank you

Hello Dheeraj.
Sure u can study in Belarus.
I representative of company in Belarus which can give you support in study in Belarus. If you have any question u can contact me.
Best regards, Tatiana.

Hello Tatiana19,

You can post an ad in the Jobs in Belarus section where you can have more views or if you haven't do so, you can register this company in our Belarus business directory.

Thank you,


Hi Marjorie.
Thank you for your advice.
Will do it.

HI guys,

am 35, and looking for a student visa for masters in interior designing as am an interior designer. can anybody guide me pls. if there is any scope to look in belarus or ukraine or russia ?

thank for the help !!

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