Office in Jurong east which place i should choose to stay

I am looking for a house online currently since me and my wife will move to Singapore in Jan. Let me share my information first. My budget is 3000-3500sgd. Can anyone give me some suggestion?

1. House type: Condo. I go to gym almost everyday and my wife like swimming. I travel a lot so my wife needs to stay at home alone. From the cost and security perspective, a condo will be my first choice.

2. Family Member: Me and my wife. we are planning the first baby as well. My mother in law will come to Singapore occasionally. Then  i will need at least 2 bedroom house.

3.Office location: jurong east. my wife will prefer to get a job also in the west if possible. I will take MRT or bus to go to office.

4. The house should be near to MRT, fair price and food court(walking distance).

5. Hospital, child care and shopping mall nearby if possible.

I have chosen boon lay, lakeside and CCK however each of them has this or that problem.

Boon Lay: The centries looks good. But very limited house can be chosen.  There is a biggest interchange bus station so might be noisy.  Childcare is always full in jurong point mall(this may think too far).
Lakeside: The lakefront condo is brand new. I love the house there .but fairprice or some other grocery shop and food court are out of my walking distance.
CCK: my friend suggested. everything is near but I could not get a 2bedroom condo nearby on property guru. 

Wish someone can give me some idea.

hi Luca
Local Local Local mate i live in jurong and i bought my house near boonlay mrt. I work at the metroplis i got no issues as its easy to get anywhere from here also it 24/7 NTUC which ideal for me.
you wont regret living near BoonLay


Hi Lucacoco,

Queenstown, RedHill are two other locations you may want to consider. They are in between the city Fringe and Jurong East.
There are some properties that were just launched last year which you can consider.

Please feel free to leave me your contact, I can recommend to you my agent in Singapore who has some properties that you may like to consider!

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