Which film school is better?? MET FILM SCHOOL or LONDON FILM SCHOOL???

Hy everyone, i'll come in london for continuing my film studies and getting a school where i can get better my filmmaking practice. I want to know if someone can say to me which school are better between Met Fim School or London Film School....thank you so much to everyone!!!

Hello I used to study at the MEtFilm School and have freinds at London Film School.

To start the MEtFilm School is good and not good. I did a BA and I can tell you its not worth it. You learn from a few teachers. Nevertheless the short courses are worth it. I think you learn more from that. The MetFIlm School is still a new school adn they are way behind on organization, student support in terms of equipment. Do not think because they are based in a studio its a plus... so what? A studio...err.. and? Many people think that a plus side and the MetFilm takes advantage of this.

I nahve a few freinds from the London Film School and apart from been cheaper Ive heard they get money for their final film, around $2000. At the Met Film you pay $17,500 for a year or $20,000 per year for a BA and you get nothing in return. They could include a little camera or a MAC BOOK or some money for your final film but they do not.

Never the less some teachers are really but really good at the Met Film. Some teachers dont give a damn and actually slag the Uni..... so there it goes.

As a previous student I would recommend you to go somehwere else for the amount of money you would pay. Nevertheless you learn as much as you want to learn. We do not shoot on film, its all digital and the cameras are a bit all. Id they tell you we use the RED its a lie. We used it 4 times, trained with it or 2 weeks and that was it. They use it for their productions (Met productions).

Short courses are great.... One Year practical so-so and the BA is worthless.

Sorry but its what me and many friends (4( think about it. Some people love it, so there you go.

Best advice is to go and speak not to the admin, because they will brain wash you as they did with many of us but speak to students.

Take care and good luck with your studies.


I've got a place to start studying at the Met Film School from September on the two year BA. I can see your views here are concerning the money behind it all - how you're having to pay lots for nothing much in return... but i'm wondering about other aspects of the place. is it really that bad? are people nice? ... is your resentment, truthfully, just based up around money or is there something more faulted about the place?



I went to the Met Film School as well and literally lost my passion for film. It had nothing to do with the money. The school was so disorganized that it made working so incredibly stressful and producing anything worth while almost impossible. I don't know anything about the London Film School but maybe you have a better chance there.


What years were you at Met film school?

I attended the Met film School in 2010-2011. I heard there hasn't been any progress.


Why are the short courses better at the Met? I am looking for decent film schools in the UK to do an MA. I know NFTS has a good rep but very hard to get in.

One reason the short courses are better is because when making your short film you are given a professional DOP (Director of Photography) to shoot your film. As a one year student I was given a classmate as my DOP. It is really hard to produce a great film with another student shooting it. So you walk away disappointed with nothing of value to show. That's the problem with the Met Film School. You work like an animal to make something great but it's almost impossible because of their disorganization. I had to prepare for my short film in just a few weeks while working on my classmates films 10 hours a day. It didn't make any sense. I had to find actors, get permits, costumes, locations, do re-writes, lighting, make-up so on and so forth. That takes time! I did it but it was so stressful I lost any desire to pursue film because the whole year was like that. Maybe that's why the other guy suggested the short courses because then you get the experience without getting overwhelmed by the process.


I just found the thread. I am thinking of going to MetFilm myself to do my Masters, but heard quite a bit of negative responses such as passionatium's and up2it's.

But what I have problems finding is on what the film industry thinks of MetFilm - Do people get jobs in the industry after studying there?

I'm thinking to do a 6 months filmmaking program at MET school do any one think is worth it. ?
I was in a doubt about MET or nyfa in New York but the price of nyfa is like 6.000 us for 8 weeks

Hey guys,

I'm currently doing the 4- week workshop and all I can say is DO NOT DO IT!!!
It is a complete ***!! First of all, I have never seen an administration as unorganized as this one! Second: they are incredibly expensive.. and you can find MUCH!!! better workshops for a much better price (Prague Film School for example)!!
Our directing teacher is nice and also very good! And the other teachers aren't so bad... BUT: what they don't tell you is that you won't be able to use the information that you get in this workshop. They say on the website, that you will have a short film at the end of your workshop. Really, you're only allowed to make a 1- minute short film!!! Which is misleading, because a One-minute film is something COMPLETELY different than a short film or a feature film.
It has a different structure. Your characters don't have a chance to develop, ***, even you story can't develop! You basically don't have a story, it's more like a commmercial. IF they had told you about that before, then alright... it would've given me a choice if i still wanted to do it or not(which I most certainly hadn't), but they didn't, and now they're pretending like we're the ones who are behaving silly. And really, EVERYBODY in our course feels like they just wasted almost 2000 Pounds!
And that's not even all!! For the one- minute film, we only have 2 hours each to direct it!! Also, we are NOT allowed to use our own actors...they will provide 2 actors, whom all of us have to use. Of course, by the 3rd person who shoots his short, the actors will be completely exhausted and unconcentrated, so basically you're ***(excuse my french).

And about the studios... they're always booked by big productions so now, we can only shoot outdoors (there is a park and a parking lot,and that's really pretty much it), because if we were to go to someones appartment or something like that... that would already take half of the time we're given.

So all I can say is: DON'T GO TO M..FILM SCHOOL!!!! Not for a BA, not for a one year course and also NOT FOR SHORT COURSES!!! *****

Have you looked into other options? There are other internationally accredited film schools like the Central Film School London and the Skillset Screen Academy at LCC at the University of the Arts London. King's College London also has a Film Academy.

Hello everybody!

Thanks for this discussion.  Very informative.

We've mentioned it on our post about Learning in English in Berlin:

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I was shocked to hear about the met film school being so disorganised and wasting your money. There is a good film school and half the price London Academy of Media Film and Television media-courses.com, they have the highest number of positive independent student reviews published by hotcourses.com

DO NOT got to Met, I tell you. I am currently a student here now and I approve that all the negative things these guys up here have commented are true. It's very frustrating and ridiculous how you have to work with a bunch of students just like you, you'll learn nothing in particular. Not to mention, your work cannot be used outside (I mean it's not like they gave it to you, it's all you who have the idea and develop it from the scratch). With £22,000 (updated tuition fee 2013-14), and you go to Met? Please, buy yourself a bunch of equipments with that money and gather a crew, practice and improvise, you'll have even more than Met can offer you. Good luck though!

I'm with you, mate :( too disappointed. I've wasted my money here. Glad I have switched from BA to One-Year so I won't waste another £22,000

Hi there !

I'm looking forward to go to MFS for MA in Director Filmmaking. Is that worth it ? Because of what everybody says, i'm quite scared to commit myself in a shitty financial hole as you say it is.

At least, alumni find jobs or is it an utopia from the school ?

Thanks a lot



I was considering to attend a 3 months course there, i contacted them and they said alot of good stuff about themselves and were super friendly. so i said what the heck and i had alot of money back then, lets do it!

I contacted them again for details of visa etc. and they said yea you should pay some of the money reserve your place at the course which is getting full soon these kinda stuff. so i asked what if they dont give me the visa or what if some problem occurs, what happens to my money then? they naturally said in that case we give you back the money but dont worry etc.

I paid 600euros and they send me some stuff, but something happened in my family and i couldnt leave country for a long time. i contacted them and explained to the nice lady that i was talking to before what happened and to give them my account info for refund. she all of a suddon wasnt nice anymore, she said ok i have to contact our finance etc. 1 week without any response i contacted her again. she replied that you have to contact the finance section now, and gave me their email. after numerous email to different departments and getting jerk around for 2 months, they said we cant give you back any money, your money stays with us and if you come to metfilmschool for any course you can use it to pay. after that i tried them again for 1 month without any reasonable response from them.

i lost 600euros in the process and i was broke at the time because of the family issue so this hit me really hard. but its all good, because i learned from their behavior that if i went there i could have loss alot more, the complete course fee and living expenses and 3 months of my life and my enthusiasm for film.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. That is so true, mate. You shouldn't come here at all, they're a mess and you're gonna waste more than €600.

So sorry to read all this stuff. I was seriously considering to quit my job and go there. Ive been saving for a while for it. But it seems it would not be the best idea. Does any one have a suggestion of a good film school in the UK or somewhere else?

Hi Hkaras,

As Head of Admissions at Met Film School I wanted to firstly acknowledge your comments and to express my apologies for any unfairness you felt at the Met Film School. We are always happy to welcome feedback from all students, past and current. I am also happy to discuss this situation with you personally over the phone to review your situation again and the circumstances that have led to this decision being made.

With our policy towards refunds, this is something that is written in our Terms and Conditions. However, we do look at each case individually and always try to work towards finding a common solution. Can we discuss this further with you to see how else we can help and support you better in this process? You can contact me at:  [email protected] tel: + 44 (0)20 8832 1936

Jwhale – I'm sorry hear how you feel about your time at Met Film School. We try to support all our students and I would be keen to speak to you direct about your experience to see if we can address your concerns. Please call me at tel: + 44 (0)20 8832 1936 or email me at [email protected]

Thanks guys for all these reviews!!! :)))

[email protected] have one a very very slim chance here of regaining some dignity...I suggest you use it cause as I see it, your institution will definately NOT make it by reputation.  Do the right thing and give the 600 back.....Im certain the finacial ombudsman man may very possibly agree with me not to mention the immediate £300 by default to you for them to investigate the matter. Clearly your institution needs some serious looking into.

I was thinking about signing up on the 6 months post production course that MetFilm School offers. I searched in almost all the countries for a place that offers a course (no longer than 6 or 9 months) in post production especially color grading. If anyone can give me feedback about this particular course..thanks

I know Met Film School rather well and would recommend to go somewhere else—anywhere really.

I am glad someone has mentioned Central Film School London! I have just graduated from the BA Practical Filmmaking course and have not been disappointed.

Okay here I go....
Firstly - from my first impressions of the school I must admit I was not impressed! the building is a little dated although it is located in amazing area of London (just of brick lane E1). When I arrived for the interview I was instantly introduced to a few of the students floating around the reception area. When out of ear shot I was pretty direct with a student and said the course was going to cost my parents £18,500 which is a lot of money and is it worth it. They were all in a similar position to me and said they did a lot of research before accepting a place here. They were not disappointed and all spoke very highly of the school. They mentioned the guest speakers they had come in and the quality of the tutors.

Secondly - Equipment, when I wanted a camera I got a camera. All I needed to do was fill in a booking form and I could take the equipment off site to work on my own personal projects. CFSL also teach students how to shoot on Film Reel.I really enjoyed the super 16mm Film Production module.

Thirdly - Staff, from the reviews I can see they felt the courses was misrepresented to them. During my interview at CFSL they expressed to me they were purely a film school which means no student union or massive campus but If i wanted to learn how to film this was the place. They also encouraged me to do additional research into the school and if i had time to observe the students shooting in the studio (during this I also asked the students loads more questions). The tutors on my course were excellent and within the first week they new our names.

As with all schools/uni's you will have good and bad reviews. I have to admit the course in the second year was intense and I did find it all a little stressful prior to our graduation film. As CFSL told me at the beginning do your research. In my opinion filmmaking isn't all glitz and glamour so don't get sucked in by the sparkly look of a building or their studio as if you never get to use the space or their equipment it is all pointless.

Good luck with the search!

Hi guys
I was looking for a film school in London and I found The Met Film School. I am still making my application, but just now I have read all the negative reviews. Does anyone know if things are changed? Because it is really expensive and I really don't want to waste my money.

SGazi, I'm in the same position!!! Have you made a decision yet about attending MET?

SGazi and kristina__louisa I'm in the same position as you. want to go there but found the bad reviews, has anything changed?

philippak wrote:

SGazi and kristina__louisa I'm in the same position as you. want to go there but found the bad reviews, has anything changed?

me too, HAVE ANY OF YOU GUYS decided to attend MET Film School???? I am thinking about going there but i am shocked after reading all this bads comments!!!!

according to me you should go for london film schools.

Hi, I’m currently planning on taking a short course in filmmaking. I can only take the 4 weeks course due to my budget. I’m from Indonesia. I have done my research on the internet and found that both Met Film School and London Film Academy offer the 4 weeks course that I need. So, quick question. Which one is better? Thank you in advance! :D

Hi all.

At the top of the page is a little magnifying glass; click on that and it will take you to our search function; if you click on that a little window will open, type the word "film", you will get a list of posts that will almost certainly answer your question.

Hope this helps.

What about for the BA in screen acting? I’m looking to do the 2 year screen acting course there but I’m not sure if these negative reviews are for that course, too, or just the filmmaking courses. Could someone give an opinion on what the screen acting course is like or would I be better to go elsewhere? Thanks :)

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