How can Farooq return to Bangladesh

My driver Farooq came illegally to Pakistan Karachi in 1985 vis India by crossing border , he managed to get a Pakistani Passport and an ID card and has been to Dacca three times since.

Now he wants to return to Bangladesh for good but Bangladesh High commission does not issue visas to other than bonafide  businessmen.

How can he return home? any ideas?


He might well have managed to gain a Pakistani passport legally, but did he ever officially give up his old citizenship?
I understand Pakistan and Bangladesh have no agreements on this issue so he might well be able to renounce his Pakistani citizenship and return to being Bangladeshi.
My very limited knowledge of the situation allows a lot of room for me to be totally wrong, but it has to be worth a thought on the off chance I've hit on a workable idea.

Yes, I believe this  could be the right direction.

One of Farooq's friends went to Dubai  last year on his Pakistani passport on a 30 day visit visa and contacted Bangladesh Embassy in UAE and he was granted papers to return to Bangladesh.

Farooq has his original birth certificate and a few other documents which should be enough for the authorities to be satisfied. I do not know if it was an exception and Farooq could attempt the same path?

It has to be worth a shot

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