Anyone have any info about immigration laws for Foreign husbands

I will really appreciate if anyone can help me with information regarding Foreign Husband marrying/married to a Bangladeshi national. Will i be able to settle here, work here or do some biz.

thank you


Foreign Dependents can apply for a NVR Seal (No visa required seal) in Embassy/High Commission of Bangladesh and also after arrived in Bangladesh by Tourist Visa, It will grant visa free multiple entry/Stay to Bangladesh until Foreign passport expiry.

Bangladesh origin foreign citizens are eligible for endorsement of “No Visa Required to Travel to Bangladesh” in their foreign passports.  Their (foreign born) spouses and children are also eligible for this endorsement, which allows the holder multiple entries into Bangladesh with unlimited duration of stay within the validity of the passport.

Thanks for the info, what about after that visa and he wants to stay with his wife in bangladesh, can he work or do any small biz, like open a shop in partnership with local or something to earn a living while living here.

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