English Speaking Moms

Hi Ladies!

I am looking for moms in Nimes, Arles and Marseille area.

I have a 7th month old baby girl and I would like to start an English speaking play group for babies and mommies.

How does it work? If you live in any of the areas above then let's discuss. We will create a weekly schedule where we can meet in each other's homes where babies can play and mommies can chat, drink tea or coffee with a little cake or two 😉.

Why do this? I would like my baby girl to meet other babies to play and interact with. I am not quite ready to leave her at daycare and it would be healthy for mommies too to share and rant about "the mommy" life.

About me? I am an English teacher by profession, but currently unemployed as my priority is my baby girl. I have been living in France for 2 years will my French husband. I love reading, watching movies, making beaded jewelry and going for long walks.

If interested let me know.

Talk soon 😘

Hello, I have just found your post while trying to set up mine own with the very similar theme.
I realise that you posted a year go but i thought that I will give it a try☺

Similarly, I'd love to meet other english speaking moms and their children for play dates in around Marseille area.
Before I moved to Marseille, a month ago, I had lived in London for 14 years where I was working as a secondary maths teacher. I moved to Marseille with my partner, who is a french speaker and my 2 year old boy. Myself I do not speak any french. Like yourself I am staying at home mom and I am available to meet up anytime really.
I teally hope you will see my message.
I am looking forward to your reply.

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