Making friends in Rotterdam

Hello ! I have just arrived in Rotterdam with my boyfriend (i am 27 and he is 31), and I would really like to make friends.
I love meeting people, speak other languages (I am French, but I lived for 6 years in Spain).
If your interested we could organise a meeting with the people who want to meet international people !

Keep me informed.


Welcome on Noémie ;)

Brilliant idea! Hope you will receive many responses soon ;)


Hi there!  I am in Dordrecht, which is like 20 minutes from Rotterdam!  I am always up for meeting new people!  :)

Hi Noemie,

My wife and I are living in The Netherlands. We speaks french fluently and my wife were living in France too. If you like to meet, just email me to maher1979[at]

Hi Noemie,

I'm also living in Rotterdam with my Dutch boyfriend and would love to meet international people. Did you arrange a meeting already? Send me an e-mail if you're up to having a drink in rotterdam (silvia_botelho[at]

Hello everybody!We are a spanish couple newly arrived to Rotterdam. We are looking for somebody to go out, to have a beer and talk.
Best regards,


Hi and welcome on Raquel :)


Hello,I am from Malaysia... i like to make friend in is a great city!!!

We are a mexican couple, also willing to make friends in Rotterdam, we just moved here a month ago!!! did you guys arranged a meeting? I send you my email so we can join you someday!!
Looking forward!


Hi Noémie,

How are you?
I am also an international here in Rotterdam. I am from Bulgaria.

We can arrange something and meet with other internationals for a drink.

Let me know when you are able.



I am new in Rotterdam and would love to meet new people.

Are you still Rotterdam ?

We could organise a drink and meet each other.

What do you think ?

Hello -> To note that this thread is dated 2011 and is quite old! :)

Thank you,

Hi !
I am french and i want to meet some people too !
Don't hesitate to contact me !


Hi I am Mickael I come from France ! I am working for two months here and I would like to meet new peoples in this city because I don't know a lot of peoples.

So, if someone want to do something don't hesitate to contact me !

Hello Noemie, How are you? Are you still in Rotterdam?

I am Ecuadorian girl who is married with a Dutch man and I would like to make new friends.

Not hesitate to contact me!
My address email is angie_aguilar[at]

See you!

Hello Angelica -> As I said above, Noemie's message is dated 2011. Do not hesitate to start a new thread on the Rotterdam forum. ;)

Thank you,

Hi, I am Nikola and i come from Macedonia, i am working here in Rotterdam, so i really need friends for spending my free time on the weekends, my e-mail is: nikolap_civiani[at] also my facebook id:
feel free to contact me :) Cheers

Hey i am looking friends too for spending time somewhere out in Rotterdam places, what would you say about that? Write back to me, Cheers :)

Hi  i am from India and in here in wordk..let know good time to meet

Hi Anit, i am also working here in Rotterdam, next Friday or Saturday we can schedule a meeting somewhere in the center of Rotterdam? Let me know if that is OK with you. Cheers :)

I am a gentleman from ghana and doing my MBA in shipping and been in rotterdamf for some weeks now and would like to meet new people to get to explore this country or just to chat over a cup of coffee or tea. but basically, i am a very open person and love to know more about my environment.

Hello everybody, I'm Maria from Ecuador, looking to make new friends. Would be nice to organize a drink after work, someone interested?

Hi, i also want to meet new people, espicially people who have experience as an expat. If you want to get connected, just add me! Thanks!

Hi people ,
Here Eduardo , working and living alone in Rotterdam.
I got some time to enjoy with new friends some drinks couple of days a week afterwork.
Spanish.Dutch.English or signals with the hands and are also welcome  ;-)))
You can contact me anytime . I´m an expat with 5 years experience in this jungle :P

hi all just moved  a few days ago with rotterdam.would like to meet new pple ,families .and get to know our new home better .


I'd like to meet other expats. My name is Licia, I'm 28, I'm Italian and I live in Rotterdam. Is there anyone who would like to organize a meeting? I'd like to drink something in company.


Hi All,
I am 32 Bulgarian and live close to Rotterdam.
Happy to meet new people. PM if interested.

Hi ya! For sure, it would be nice to meet you



I am Betti, a 21-year-old Hungarian girl living in Rotterdam, looking for friends. Feel free to message me. :)

Hi everyone am coming to Rotterdam for the first time to see the city and I will like to me new people for a drink and chat if anyone is interested pls email me at piro_ty[at]

Hi how are you doing?

I am from Ghana in just arrived in Rotterdam, i would like to hear and learn from you and all the others connected on this group

Hello kwakuclement,

Welcome to expat-blog!

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Bhavna  ;)

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hi i am john from syria and i life in rotterdam do you like to invite you for a cup of coffee

CamilaMartner4 :

Hi ya! For sure, it would be nice to meet you


hi can i invite you for a cup of coffee

Me and my friend are looking to move to Rotterdam, lovely place, looking for further education, agriculture or retail work, what are college/ university prices like there? also looking for friends too.

Denise Mcgee

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Details of Dutch university courses in English can be found on the Study in Holland website; this link will take you straight there.

Can't help you with friends, but there are lots of friendly people in the Netherlands.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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