Travel to Vinnitsa

Is this a safe city to visit as of 16 November 2016?


I have not heard of any problems.

Thank you for the reply! I was told that it could be a problem for me as i am from England, and there has been a lot of problems with people going there to escape the trouble in eastern Ukraine!

I live in Kharkiv.  In three years I have not had any trouble from the people.  Just be careful where you go and what you say.  Do not speak any English out loud.  Just be careful of your surroundings.  That is all that you have to do.  Just watch things around you and try to fit in.  My great-grandmother came from there.  So just relax.  Your still far enough away.

If you get drunk some nights, make sure you are with someone that knows you and cares for you.  But best words of advice, do not get sloshed.

Like any country in the world.  But a whole lot safer than Chicago or Detroit.

It's a safe city. For english it's always welcome. They are treated with respect. But better have someone who is local who can guide you.

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