Job hunting. Physiotherapist in New Delhi?


Me and my boyfriend is planning to get married in India by next year. I am thinking of looking for a job while we still don't have any children. Is it possible for me to continue my profession as a physiotherapist in New Delhi?
Well, it's either i continue practicing my profession or work also in a company since i am working now as Accounts Specialist in an australian company. I'm worried that I won't get a job and will just stay at home all the time. I don't want to be a burden to my boyfriend and his family.

Hello Cuilin  :cheers:

You could create a job advert under the Jobs offers in New Delhi section of the site as well as contact Jobs professionals in New Delhi to help you find a job offer.

Wish you all the best


Thank you for the advise.😊

Would you consider Bangalore ?

Dr. Majeed

Thank you for asking but for now I prefer to work in New Delhi as that's where I'm planning to settle.

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