Native English Teacher looking for work in New Delhi

I am hoping to move to New Delhi from N.Ireland in the new year and am looking for work teaching. I am a graduate of Liberal Arts and History and have a TEFL qualification that has allowed me to teach children up to 16 years as well as adults.
If anyone can be of any help please email me at: sineadepops[at]

Hello sineadepops and welcome to!

You may also post an advert in New Delhi classifieds > Jobs section, this may help.;)


Hei Sineadepops,
I pretty sure with your qualification and shortage of teaching staff in India, you should get a job with ease.

You can try to find jobs through popular job-portals such as,,, etc. Though they primarily cater the corporate sectors but you will find some options for teachers to. And, if I were you I would probably mail my CV to a few schools and then follow up with a phone call. I hope some of the Delhities here can recommend names of good schools.

Good Luck.


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why don't you try , this is the only and best website for teaching jobs in India. This website can help you to find any type of jobs related to teaching. I am mentioning few links below, kindly go through:

Principal jobs

NTT jobs

Professor jobs

Trainer Jobs

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