Any expats in Asilah


I was wondering if there are any expats in Asilah?  Maybe a social group that gets together one a week?  I've living in Asilah at the moment however still trying to meet expats and like minded people. 

Look forward hearing from you.

Hi i am in Asilah

Hi, hopefully I will be moving to Asilah the end of 2017.

If anyone has any tips etc.....I would be grateful. I will be living on a very tight budget so will need tips on lots of things.
Is it very expensive there? Utilities, food etc?


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Need help I want to buy a old property in Medina in asilah I would like if someone can help me in any advice

Hi are you living in asilah I’m looking for properties on sale need some help or advice

Hey Marianne,

Sounds exciting, you buying a house in Asilah. I personally bought some land just outside Asilah.
Where are you from and what type of advice are you looking for?

Good Morning , so we do have some expats in Asilah  :top:

How come I have not met you yet? Where are you from by the way?

Hi Traveller-Dream,
I am based in the Tanger- Asilah Region... Will be there in a few weeks if you would like to catch up and have a coffee.

HI Gaby,

Thank you for your message and I would love to catch up over coffee. However like you I just left and will be back in a few months. Will drop you a line when I'm back. :)

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