Can i go on Final Exit even having unpaid Bills with STC?

You can come back. Your iqama will not be blocked

It Means even i have a unpaid bill i can take my vacation and take my exit re entry?


Their’s no problem is it? Cause i was so confuse maybe when i reach the immigration from the airport they will hold me and catch me that’s why i am scared.. cause i received a call from them that they will gonna blacklist my iqama it is possible?

No. They just telling you that you will be blocked so that you will pay them. Internet is private and not government so it will not be detected.

Thank you but they said they will report me to SAMAH??

Even i make a fingerprint while i am availing sim from them? It will not be detected in immigration?

Cause i take a postpaid line to zain and that one is have a mobile for contract i have unpaid bill so it still possible i can go vacation and come back here in saudi arabia without any trouble?

Hi i was confused and wondering cause i take a postpaid and have a contract to zain telecom but i still have unpaid bills worth 1thousand riyals and on that contract the mobile is included and they terminated already my internet sim and the service of my sim. It is possible that when i take my vacation and coming back their will be a problem for me entering and leaving saudi arabia ..please do advice

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