Moving to Daegu: looking for friends

Hi there

My name is Sash. I am preparing to move to Daegu from my homeland I.e South Africa. I'm hoping I can make some friends that can show me around, more importantly, keep me company and share awesome experiences.

Hi, Sash.

I am SW, living in Daegu, South Korea: a local and male. I like travel, debating on public agenda, fishing, cooking, waching movies. And making friends from various cultures as well as learning from other people.

You will be very welcome!

hi all i am in south australia . i love korea . i would love to know more about the country and the people

Hi Sash!
I'm preparing to move to Daegu in December. Are you still in South Korea?

Hey guys! I'm moving to Daegu too end of this month (February 2018). Apart from a friend who's also coming with me, I have no one else I know. I'm feeling rather anxious now to be honest 😣

Just arrived to Daegu…looking for some fun!!


I'm visiting family in Daegu for the next few weeks, looking for places to hang out and meet new people. April 2018

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