A Level course 18 months only?

I heard from friends that there are schools here in Singapore that offers A level programmes that can be completed in 18 months or less. Can anyone help explain how is that possible?

Thanks in advance.

Depending on your prior education (i.e. entry requirements of the course in question), you need to learn more or less to pass A-levels.

Thanks beppi.

Basically, my question has a lot to do with the fact that most A level programmes are  completed in two years - and Im just wondering how the so called 18 month  A Level programmes work. Like, how is it possible that it's a few months less than the normal route.

Based on your reply, however, I sort of figured that it can only granted if I meet certain qualifications (as you mentioned, my prior education).  Is this correct?

I do not know which programme you have in mind, but to achieve the same in a shorter time, one of the following is usually required:
- Participants already know a part of the curriculum, so less needs to be taught
- Teaching is more intensive (e.g. more hours per week, more homework, etc.)
- Cheating (unlikely in Singapore)

Thanks beppi. Interesting points. 'Really appreciate your help :)

Not heard of it. Goody two shoes type but poor results? Looking for one for friend's son.

Is there any reason why you're specifically looking for an 18-month programme?

Hello there.

Im basically just wondering how it is possible that some schools are able to offer programmes that are shorter than the normal 2 years spent on A levels. You know, just trying to understand the concept or process behind it.

Oh...I see.  :/  Well it has a lot to do with a school's method of teaching, curriculum and the schedule that it follows. Are you thinking about studying in Singapore? I was also looking for a school previously, and I can share you some of the info that I managed to gather  :top:

COOL!!! yes please do share. thanks!!! Adn yes, Im looking at my options. Where are you studying now by the way

NO PROBS......I just want to be clear that the info i have are about intl and private schools. If youre really really really really REALLY determined to enrol in a course that is less than 2 years, google about FIS, MDIS and insworld. If not you can google about schools like AIS, Stamford etc.   :proud

Thanks! May I ask, are you also a foreigner? If yes, what are the requirements to study there?

just contact them. Theyll review your educ background and explain everything. ....... :dumbom:  :proud

Lol ok thank you!

Hi, Marcusz 18 months programme is actually happening :)
Aside from "intensive" programme, it means less holidays, timetable is structured,
more homework??? Maybe we can put it as in-depth subject knowledge. More choice of subjects, only 3-4 subjects so that alone gives you flexibility.  Which schools are you actually looking at now?

Thanks Sophia. Which schools am I looking at now? Well, another user actually provided a list (scroll up). I have contacted them already. Do you have other schools to add? :)

Hi. I have on my list Insworld Institute located at the  Central area.

Yes I called them already. And you're right, their A level programme is just 18 months. Will definitely pay them a visit. Are you a student too?

Hi,. No I am not a student. I was just referred by my friend about the school and I find it interesting.

ok, thanks sophia!

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