qualified and experienced nanny looking for employment

I am looking for a nanny position,i have experience working with kids 0 to 12 year olds, both able and with special needs

Check out the jobs section above the page.
You can add a free searching post as well where you can provide more details.

You will get more reviews than here on the forum where your post will fade away.

thank you  so much,what is the nannysalary  range?

You're welcome.

I have no idea but hopefully other members can give you the information.

can you please help me with recruitment agencies contact for nannies/aupirs/ and home managers,if you know any,stay blessed

Hello everyone,

@ Happy Nanny, there are some professionals listed in the Jobs in Luanda section of the business directory. Maybe you could contact them and inquire.

All the best,

am very very grateful,thanks

hi...are you a filipina?


Do you still looking for a job as a nanny here in Angola? Do you already have a visa, and live here?

Thanks and regards

Ola, hi. hello...
Yes, I am still looking for a nanny job,  I have a working visa and I live in Luanda..
Many thanks for asking and hoping to hear more from you soon.



I'm looking for a living nanny, and we are analyzing all options, between nationals and expats. Maybe we could arrange an interview to know more about you?

ola....bom dia..
yes,  I am willing to meet and have some interviews with you....I am free on Saturday night until the whole day of Sunday..I hope your time meets my time too...
thank you and my regards..


Can you please communicate by pm?

Thank you  :top:

Caro Primadonna,

Yes, sure...we can communicate in the afternoon(pm)..

thanks, and my regards.

ola, boa noite,
how's everything?
I am still waiting for your reply..
thank you and my regards.


pieces wrote:

ola, boa noite,
how's everything?
I am still waiting for your reply..
thank you and my regards.


To whom you are talking too?  :unsure

As I asked earlier it's best to communicate in private by using the pm system.
If someone isn't responding maybe you should take the initiative as you want the job.

ola, bom dia....
Are you still interested to meet and have some interviews with me?I am waiting...

thank you and my regards