Hello any playgroups gathering around the talatona area for young kids?

Here is the place where you can make a Birthday Party for kids.

Yes there is a playgroup...Luanda International Playgroup. It is at Atlantico Sul twice a week but is now closed for the school vacation. If you see this in time, we are meeting at the Atlantico Sul playground for an informal session tomorrow morning at 10am. You are welcome to join us! Otherwise, keep in touch, I can let you know when it resumes.

Thank you so much. I am now not in Luanda, will be back in the end of August. Will try to catch up :))) thank you.

Hi there , I saw your post about play group. We gave just moved to luanda and trying to meet English speaking families to make friends. I have two son aged 5 years and the other one 5 months old . I am looking for some play date for my son .he will be joining Lis in April. We are in talatona . We have come from london.